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Talk Is Cheap

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, January 13, 2011

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Antonio Cromartie

The Jets would be better served to stop talking and start playing if they hope to beat the Patriots this weekend.

The Jets continue to talk, talk, talk in the lead up to the game versus the Patriots this weekend. Their coach talks. Their players talk. But they did this the last time the two teams met and the outcome on the field did not benefit the Jets. I don't think it's going to help them this time either.

The Jets have made a career of talking. They started the season off talking on HBO. They gained a reputation as a team that talks trash and profanities. They kept building this reputation throughout the season. Their meeting with the Patriots in December was proceeded by much talk. When it came time to play, however, they were soundly defeated putting up a total of 3 points. Talk is all well and good for the bulletin boards, Twitter, and the sports media to latch on to. Talk is good when your team is less than advertised. Talk soon becomes all you are when you can't bring it to the field of play.

I've believed all season that the Jets were all show and no stay. Their wins have not been impressive and their losses have been even less so. They got by in a lot of games they should have lost and would have lost to better teams. They got some lucky breaks in games. Lucky breaks don't require talent. They got by the Colts just barely and I think in that game the Colts lost more than the Jets won. When it comes to their on the field play, the Jets are very good in very few areas and they are suspect in many, many more.

The Patriots don't participate in public trash talk. They go about their business preparing for games. They keep the talk about the other team to platitudes of "he's a great player" or "they are a very good team." There is no name calling or finger pointing. They don't boast about their accomplishments even though they have reason. They take their game to the only place that matters, the football field. The Jets on the other hand take their game everywhere but the field. It provides a modicum of entertainment, but after a point it just starts to make them look like they never learn.

The Jets somehow think that this ongoing media talkathon will get into the Patriots heads. That somehow the Patriots will start to believe the Jets are as good as advertised. That when they get to the field, the Patriots will have all those words in their heads during the game. Are they seriously that dense? The Patriots don't play that kind of football. You can't get in their heads. You have to get in their faces on the field with action. If you can't do that, you cannot beat them. You have to be on Brady, on the running backs, on the stable of receivers, on the O line. You have to try to force turnovers - good luck with that with the Patriots. You have to find a way to out game plan the Patriots coach. Talk means nothing on the field to the Patriots. It is only action to which they respond.

The Jets seemingly learned nothing from their last meeting with the Patriots. But the Jets only have one game plan, talk enough in order to try and convince people, probably even themselves, that they can put up more than 3 points this time on the Patriots. I think the Jets would be better served to concentrate on their game plan and the action on the field. Otherwise, they may find themselves in the same spot as the last game against the Patriots - on the losing side.

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