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Britney Spears on Suicide watch

by TaniaB (writer), Queens, NY, March 06, 2007


Britney Spears has reportedly tried to take her own life inside the prestigious Promisies rehab clnic where she has been since last week. She has now been put on a "suicide watch" after trying to hang herself with a bed sheet.

A pal of Britney stated that just before the suicide incident Britney was running around the clinic with a bold 666 written across her bald head and proclaimed that she was the antichrist. She than went on to screaming at the top of her lungs "Im a fake Im a fake"!

Britney has her family and especially Kevin Federline (the father of her children) very worried. Her two babies have been residing with him since the on set of her troubles. He also refused to let her see her boys when she showed up at his doorstep last month after releasing herself for the second time from rehab. Later on that night Britney was photographed attacking a papparazzo with an umbrella.

Brit has been going thru a series of crazy antics since seperating from the father of her two baby boys. She has been boozing it up, partying with the slut pack (yes you know who they are) and has been photographed with her panties off, baring it all. Last month she hit an all time low, making interenational headlines, when she decided to shave her once beautiful head of hair completley bald. She also checked herself into rehab twice and checked herself out 24 hrs later.

Britney Spears has fallen along way down since her rise to fame at the ripe age of sixteen with her hit song "Baby hit me one more time"! She pranced around in a sexy school girl outfit in the video which had everyone take notice of the blond bombshell. Britney has not released an album in three years. Only time will tell if she will ever release another or if she can restore the pop image she ever had.

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