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Done and Done

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Watching only an hour out of over almost 40 college football bowl games kind of makes me done and done.

I am a certified sports freak. I have watched sports most of my life and I enjoy almost all of them. I can watch a sporting match up of any kind rather than anything else on TV. It's what I would rather pay money to go to see. But over the last 30 something college football bowl games, I've watched probably an hour max. My heart just wasn't in it.

I've tried to figure out why someone who is as addicted to sports as I am would not watch one of the highlight events of the year - the college bowl season. I've come up with several answers and I think I may not be the only one who feels this way, even among the sports freaks. The first thing is that my own personal favorite college teams had such poor seasons and therefore ended up in bowl games I can't even remember the name of where they continued their losing season. You just can't get too excited about watching a below average team play in a below average bowl match up and then lose. So, my excitement for the bowl season was down from the start.

Next, the bowl season is just too long. There are too many bowl games between schools who barely had a .500 record with players you don't know nor want to know and it drags out for over a month. The National Championship game contenders hadn't played a game in 37 days by the time the title game rolled around. There are just too many bowls. The money grubbers have gotten out of hand and now you have everything from the Tostitos bowl to the toilet bowl. Enough is enough and right now enough is just too much.

Next, I am not a fan of the BCS system at all. I think it's all about money period. I am one of those who think playoffs should be the way to go in college football. Every other team has some kind of playoff or tournament. College football is the only one that doesn't. There could still be bowl games for winners of conferences, but not almost 4o of them. And the college football post season wouldn't take more than a month to play out. There has got to be a better way and the BCS is not it.

Next, I am just so disheartened by the hypocrisy of the NCAA, the cheating by players, the fact that college football stopped being an amateur sport long ago and people just keep pretending it is. I felt this way after the steroids scandal first appeared in baseball too. The "it's just ruined" feeling. I wish the NCAA would be consistent with the rules or get rid of the rules. The hypocrisy and different treatment for different players and schools is just ridiculous. The fact that everyone is about money from the top down is disheartening. And the fact that none of this is going to change is enough to make a sports freak find something else to do.

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By wildcatsredsfan on January 11, 2011 at 04:27 pm

I agree, I want a playoff system because everybody who deserves to got to the major bowls gets rusty and don't play as well as they have done.

I also agree with the NCAA being inconsistent in all sports and most recently, the Enes Kanter ruling. Also, Cam Newton should've been suspended for the season after the NCAA heard that he got money from Auburn.

Both teams that I like went to the BBVA Compass Bowl (Kentucky Wildcats) and the Beef O' Brady's Bowl (Louisville Cardinals) (I like them both even though they are rivals).

Good Blog!

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By Deborah Horton on January 12, 2011 at 06:51 am

wildcatsredsfan - Thanks for stopping by! The NCAA needs a playoff in the worst way. It's the only fair thing. But we all know they aren't about fair unfortunately.

Ed - I'm going to check it out now :)

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