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Your money not your thoughts


There are now somewhere in the ballpark of 25 candidates (counting just the two main parties) who are either officially running to be our next president or they are very serious about running for the

For the most part, it is the convictions and politics that will differentiate one candidate from the other. One candidate might be pro-war and another is anti-war. No doubt about it, voters will have important and distinct choices to make both in the primary season as well as in November of 2008.

One of the similarities that voters will see among the candidates, is the way that these candidates will market their ideas and vision to attract voters. Four years ago, Howard Dean had a brilliant idea of using the internet to raise money as well as to promote his ideas. Blogging was relatively new, and Dean was exploiting this medium.

Today, nearly all of the candidates are using web 2.0--blog-like or myspace-like venues to espouse their ideas.

But what voters will discover quickly is that the candidates are not interested in interacting with people. They are not interested in bloggers advancing their agendas. They are interested in more money. The rationale seems to be that the bottom-line of what will help a candidate achieve his or her goals is not more pundits on his or her side, but more money in his or her coffers.

Take Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) as an example. Generally speaking, here is a man of integrity who has garnered support both from Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Sign-up to be a part of his campaign, and you are given web space on his domain. You would think that this would be a great way to both espouse McCain's vision (inviting your friends to check out your webspace), and to interact with the McCain campaign on what you want in your candidate.

But McCainSpace is not that. McCainSpace is simply a page to set up a financial goal toward McCain's campaign. You can give, your friends can give, anyone can give. You can set up fundraisers to raise more money for the McCain team.

McCain is not the only candidate going down that route.

Lessons for the voter will be that although we may feel more connected with the advent of the Internet and technology in general, politics will remain old-style politics. The tools may be different, but the aim is still the same--more money for the candidate.

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By Steven Lane on March 05, 2007 at 01:06 am
Disappointing, but very true, I think. Nice reminder of reality
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