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the enlightenment era

by PATRICK PETION (writer), Little Ferry NJ, February 22, 2011

the state of nature, was the reign of god: self love and social at her birth began, union the bond of all things, and of man. j jacques rousseau. the virtual leader

of the intellectual and the sentimental revolt which brought about the French revolution and the American revolution. He had also influenced wordsworth in England and perhaps unworthily Kant in germany.Therefore when it come to the new idea of the 18 and 19 century a better understanding of European history and the philosopher of the 18 century particularly Rousseau whom was the pioneer of those idea would be needed to understand. The doctrine of la bonte naturelle, the idea that man is by nature good, has help to shape the face of a new society, were the person become more important than the government.Rousseau explain to reestablish justice and equality, society must now be transformed into the state; which shall at once protect life and again make possible the full realization of the person destiny. j rousseau. To understand what he mean, we need to know what was the situation at his time. Rousseau was part of a society were the person wasn't consider as a person but the royalty was the most important aspect of european life. back then the king had absolute power wich power they might share with the clergy and their entourage. the citizen was just a subject of the kingdom, with no right. Back then Rousseau mention justice and equality, but did not mean equality with the noble, he did not mean that knowing that man is free by nature. that same sentiment will show in the US declaration of independance.this state born upon an ideal contract by which man submits himself not to an alien power with independent interest, which tends to degrade him, but to the power which he has created for completely realizing himself. the government will act only by the general will of the people and under penalty of negating itself must not take any action which shall be hostile to the higher interest of its constituent members. in other word the person, now joined by a bond and through the exercise of their rights become the state. so let be clear we are the state we the people, the government is the representative of the people. in other word those whom are part of the government are our employee. not the other way around. we should control the state not the state control us. understand how it used function before the enlightenment period, man was a subject of the kingdom with no right. now with the new philosophy of the 17 century, man join by a mystic bond become the state. The state compelS them of the desire of freedom; it can control the act of its members only up to a certain point. It guarantees equality and liberty which were lost in the social stage, and once again leaves man free to pursues his happiness. Now open again beyond him the free field for person self-realization which must take place along the line of man natural ends. With such a spirit soon after the revolutionary period, Man with new-found freedom in Europe and the new world were able to progress as never before. with out such freedom we are not able of enjoying all those new technology, only free people can produce. that why less government control is a must for progress and addition we are the state, therefore we can't control our self to harsh. well as free people man from the free enterprises system and start having business which will the name corporation. the Oxford American dictionary define a corporation as company or group of people authorize to act as a single entity, legally a person and recognize as such in law. there is also municipal corporation. corporation is different to corporatism which is the control of a state by large interest group. A favorite slogan of the new left is that of the corporate state. insofar as this rather vague term asserts that the big business corporation has these last twenty-five years has become the dominant institution of American society, which is a false assumption. instead the American society has altogether become a society of big, highly organised and managed institution. the American society and society in all other advanced countries has increasingly become a society of big organized power centers unfortunately:Government agency and hospital, large university and research laboratory, trade union and armed services, as well as big business. these institution have become the very fabric of economically and socially developed societies.However private corporation is an institution unique to modern history and one that plays a special role in democratic societies. whether the corporation is form for reason of business and profit, or for others purposes such as those of labor union yes it can also be a corporation, universities, and civic organisations, it is a type of vital mediating structure, a part of the system of social political checks and balances that stand between the individual and the state.The private corporation is in fact a historically crucial part it play in the development of democracy; economic freedom and political freedom. Corporation, large and small, are the very heart of america's and the world's economy. more wealth had been made in America and throughout the world every day by corporation than by any other type of business. well over half of all Americans work with a corporation and invest in them.

this vital form of business organisations is principally responsible for growing the American economy into the largest in the world and for transforming the American economies and others into an interdependent , global economy.

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