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Silence is Silver

by taking off the mask (writer), Los Angeles, January 10, 2011

Credit: Unknown
Silence is Silver

If you can't be true to your word, don't speak any

When promises are nothing more than words

And words are nothing more than promises

You know your relationship is in trouble

How can I take you seriously?

When all I ever hear is (tomorrow) I’ll change

But today you stay the same

How can I trust you?

When things haven’t been the same

I tried to believe in your lies

But time proved otherwise

Yet I’m willing to give you another try

Despite the fact my eyes haven’t yet dried

I’m asking you baby

Just to stay mute

If the words you use

Will never come true

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By Deborah Horton on January 11, 2011 at 07:04 am

In the end - truth is all that matters between two people :)

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