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Maids and Madams" Raises Awareness at Brooklyn College

by S. Manfredi (writer), Upper East Side, March 04, 2007


In a free, campus-wide event this week, the students at Brooklyn College will address the growing issue of domestic workers rights.

The project, known as "Maids and Madams", will take place on March 6-8, and is open to the public. The goal of "Maids and Madams" is to raise public awareness about the politics, the economics and the repercussions of the current domestic workers' situation. Issues addressed will include immigration and domestic work, inadequate wages, and the degradation of domestic workers as a whole.

The events planned for this week include panel discussions, film screenings, dramatic readings, and performances. For a full list of dates and events, visit Brooklyn College's "Maids and Madams" webpage at: .

Although the event focuses on nation-wide domestic workers rights, these issues are also local. There are over 200,000 domestic workers currently employed in New York City. Over 25% of the workers who agreed to be interviewed earned wages below the poverty line. Organizations such as Domestic Workers United are working to address these problems locally, as well as on a larger scale. Events like "Maids and Madams" help to spread the word on domestic issues, and help to bring New York one step closer to setting a positive example for the rest of the world.

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