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Haven’t We Been Here Before?

by D. E. Carson (writer), , January 07, 2011

If you feel you’re watching a rerun, you might be right

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the new Congress took over and already campaign promises made to get the Republicans elected are being kicked to the curb.


Because regardless of how much we want to believe otherwise, Congress is full of liars, scoundrels and cheaters and they will always come up with some excuse for why they cannot deliver on their campaign promises. Even after the Democrats took control of Congress and the White House in 2008, we found out that the government of the United States, despite what they may say, does not have our best interests at heart. If it were true that the government were looking out for the people, we wouldn’t have the albatross known as 0bamacare in the first place. If Congress were looking out for the rest of us, they would have openly debated 0bamacare (didn’t happen no matter what you may think), 0bamacare would have provisions offered by Republican lawmakers (it doesn’t) and 0bamacare would have been immensely more popular had Congress actually listened to the people’s wishes (it didn’t – it rammed a piecemeal piece of crap down our throats that is as ineffective and inefficient as Roosevelt’s New Deal).

Now, on to the Republicans; they promised to cut spending to pre-spending, pre-bailout levels estimated to save $100 billion in the first year. Now they’re saying that it’s unreasonable to expect such a large cut so soon because the fiscal year, which began October 1, has already blown (and that’s the perfect word for it) three months of money at 0bamanian levels under a stop-gap program that was designed to keep the government from shutting down all together. Then along comes Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) trying to cover up the disappointment saying that “future” spending limits will be enacted for the remainder of this year. This writer sees this as 1) an attempt to sell-out the people who elected the Republicans to replace the rat-finks that were there and 2) a train load of equine fecal material. Either cut the whole thing or just admit that the people were lied to again – preferably the latter.

Next up was the promise to repeal 0bamacare. This was a stupid promise from the beginning. So long as Chairman MaO-bama is president, we’re stuck with socialized medicine. The only way Republicans can ever repeal 0bamacare is to have HRH Obama defeated in 2012 and hand the Senate back to the Republicans with a 61-seat super majority and significant gains in the House. Otherwise hard-working Americans are stuck with that stupid piece of crap law forever. It was a stupid law enacted by stupid people for the benefit of even more stupid people who are also lazy worthless leeches who deserve a swift kick in the pants and nothing more.

Another promise was to reform Congress – specifically calling for an up or down vote on 0bamacare. AP writers Andrew Taylor and Calvin Woodward whined that this denies Democrats the chance to call for individual votes on such provisions as banning insurance company discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions and the provision that allows children to remain on parent’s insurance until the child reaches the age of 26. While this writer is wholly against the idea of insurance companies discriminating on pre-existing conditions, 0bamacare needs to go and a more acceptable health care reform plan that includes the exact same prohibition of discrimination be implemented in its place. As for children remaining on parents’ health insurance until the age of 26, this was the absolutely the stupidest idea to come out of Washington. If you’re still on your parents’ health insurance at the age of 26, then you need to get out of your parents’ house and go get a life of your own and this writer has no sympathy for you at all. And to all of you who are going to try saying, “what about children who can’t take care of themselves – i.e. retarded people” this writer’s response is, “well, what the hell have they been doing from the time the child was born and what the hell were they planning to do after the child gets to be too old anyway?”

This writer does not care if he seems to be cold-hearted, he is tired of people who exploit the system and there are far more of those than there are people who actually need the help. Simply put, this writer has no problem with ensuring a middle-class lifestyle to those who cannot care for themselves and would gladly pay taxes to fund such efforts, but where this writer’s ass gets tired is when people live for generations on public assistance because they’re too stinking lazy to get off their asses and go get a job – even if it were mowing yards that would be one less illegal alien working in America. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox was absolutely correct when he said that the illegal aliens in America were doing the work that Americans refuse to do. Those lazy, worthless Americans collecting their government checks are why there are so many illegal aliens in America in the first place. If those lazy Americans would turn off their TVs, get off their couches and go out and do some work, there wouldn’t be an illegal alien problem because they wouldn’t be able to find jobs here. Building a fence would slow the problem but Americans who actually get out and work would reduce the flood to a drip.

Republicans were warned that they were going to be watched and We the People are going to keep our promise, even if Democrats and Republicans refuse to keep theirs.

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