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Ashley Madison

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Online dating taken to the next level, this site helps users to have affairs.

Online dating continues to evolve every day. It's not just singles looking for a relationship anymore. Soon, there will be online dating sites for any kind of relationship you can imagine. Those that are the "accepted" and those that are definitely not. Fairly shortly, if not already, users will be able to find any kind of relationship helper they desire. Pedophiles, rapists, whatever you can think of. There's an audience out there for everything and there's someone who is ready to make a dollar off of it.

Ashley Madison is a site that helps users to have affairs. Now, affairs have been part of the relationship world since the inception of relationships. It's not difficult to have one if you want to. This site just takes the work out of it. They find others of like minds and put people together. The site is growing of course by leaps and bounds as more people find out about it and realize that an affair is just a click away.

The creator of the site, Noel Biderman, said the following: ""People pursue an affair because they cherish their partner and their family situation, they love their children and their economic situation, they just have a disconnect around the bedroom." He firmly believes that the site is good for the community at large. An affair is just what the world needs, or so he thinks and apparently he's not alone. The site is becoming ever more popular and in great numbers with women. Zurich apparently has the largest female to male ratio of users thus far.

Biderman also said that Mondays are the sites biggest days user wise. He said he thinks it's because after a bad weekend, people come on the site fed up and looking for something else. A study conducted by Ashley Madison, also said that mistresses get better gifts than wives do. The company surveyed 143,717 of its customers in 2010 and found that, on average, men were spending $60 on their wives for Christmas, versus $125 on their mistresses. And the gifts going to the other woman are decidedly more luxurious and sexy - jewelry, lingerie, and spa packages just to name a few.

The creator and the site have been called every name in the book from home wreckers to geniuses. Almost 8 million men and women around the world use the service, which works like a fee-based social network your partner will never discover. It is done anonymously and keeps everything private, they say.

Ashley Madison is just another in a long line of ever growing online dating sites for all kinds of desires. Cheating - now made easy - good or bad idea?

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5 comments on Ashley Madison

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By Deborah Horton on December 30, 2010 at 05:42 pm

I'm not the least bit surprised this site exists and even less so that it's so popular. Cheating is as old as time - easier cheating is just too appealing to those who wish to do it. In a couple of years, this site will be considered tame compared to what you can get in the online dating world. Reflection of society as a whole.

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By taking off the mask on December 31, 2010 at 05:58 am

wow this just ruined my day. Bad bad bad idea

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By Deborah Horton on December 31, 2010 at 08:50 am

So sorry - it's a sad but true situation :(

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By Tony G. Rocco on December 31, 2010 at 10:29 am

I've known about this site for years. Why an article about it now?

If we didn't fetishize monogamy, people wouldn't slink around having affairs. We could be honest about the fact that limiting ourselves to one sex partner for life is a ridiculous and anachronistic idea.

BTW, to all the outraged respondents to this article: do you think Ashley-Madison makes it possible to do something there aren't already a million ways to do? Casual encounters on Craigslist, Adult FriendFinder, the back pages of any alternative weekly, the corner bar, the office?

- t

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By Deborah Horton on December 31, 2010 at 02:41 pm

Ed - so so true

Tony - obviously we are all not as well informed about the many venues of cheating as some of the other people in America :0 And I believe I stated in the article that cheating has been around since relationships have been - this site just takes the work out of it. If you commit to one person it is then acceptable in your view to continue poking everything that walks? How does that strengthen a relationship? Or are relationships in general - those where people actually commit passe? Cheating is inherent in humans I believe as humans are programmed to procreate, conquer, the will to choose otherwise is learned - some just choose not to in the belief that more is always better.

And this article is here now because I wrote it. Thanks for stopping by - I'm sure others will have a lot to say about your, views.

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