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Big Bowl

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The college football bowl season gets into full swing this weekend with big games on the line.

This weekend kicks off the big bowls in college football. The start of the BCS bowls and hopefully some great games. As much as I am not a fan of the BCS system, I still look forward every year to what I hope will be at least some good games. More often than not though I find that they turn into blow outs for one side or the other and have a hard time staying interested. So far this bowl season, we have had many blowouts. But there have been a few good games so far as well including Lousville vs Southern Miss, Florida Intl vs Toledo, Air Force vs GA Tech, and the upset of Iowa over Missouri. Let’s look at some upcoming games.

Thursday, December 30

No. 18 Nebraska vs. Washington BRIDGEPOINT EDUCATION HOLIDAY BOWL – I look for Nebraska to pull this out, but Washington could be tricky. This may be one of the closer bowl games.

Friday, December 31

Georgia vs. No. 25 UCF AutoZone LIBERTY BOWL - Georgia gets a chance at season redemption and possibly saving Coach Richt’s job with a big win in this game.
No. 20 South Carolina vs. No. 23 Florida State Chick-fil-A BOWL – Two ranked teams fight it out in this one. I look for this one to be a shoot out down to the wire.

Saturday, January 1

No. 16 Alabama vs. No. 9 Michigan State CAPITAL ONE BOWL – Alabama is looking to prove something after being ranked near the top all season only to fall dramatically. Michigan State wants to show that SEC teams don’t rule the bowl scene. I look for Alabama to put up a big game here. It could be a blowout.
No. 21 Mississippi State vs. Michigan PROGRESSIVE GATOR BOWL – Michigan is one of those scary teams. They can surprise you and I look for them to surprise Mississippi State and pull out the win.
No. 5 Wisconsin vs. No. 3 TCU ROSE BOWL GAME PRESENTED BY VIZIO – Horned Frogs have moved to the Big East, but first they are going to take Wisconsin to school. Look for a Horned Frog beatdown to be issued.
Connecticut vs. No. 7 Oklahoma TOSTITOS FIESTA BOWL - The UCONN women’s basketball team this is not. The Sooners will be all over them. Boomer Sooner big time.

Monday, January 3

No. 4 Stanford vs. No. 13 Virginia Tech DISCOVER ORANGE BOWL – Andrew Luck will have NFL teams drooling all over themselves as he puts on a clinic for college QBs who want to make it in the NFL. Stanford wins big.

Tuesday, January 4

No. 6 Ohio State vs. No. 8 Arkansas ALLSTATE SUGAR BOWL – The 5 suspended Ohio State players who won’t start serving their terms until next year because the NCAA wants the money/ratings/revenue from their Sugar Bowl appearance will be taken to the hog pen. Arkansas puts the SEC shell shock on The Ohio State.

Friday, January 7

No. 11 LSU vs. No. 17 Texas A&M AT&T COTTON BOWL – LSU provides yet another entertaining game and ends the season on a winning note. Nothing like a good old Geaux Tigers in January.

Sunday, January 9

No. 15 Nevada vs. Boston College KRAFT FIGHT HUNGER BOWL – Boston College = scary team. This could be a close one and I’m going out on a limb with BC for the upset.

Monday, January 10

No. 2 Oregon vs. No. 1 Auburn TOSTITOS BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – Oh how I want the Ducks to win. I think they can, but I’m not sure they will. More than anything though, I want a good game, exciting to the end, something worthy of a title game. A blowout would be very disappointing.

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By Deborah Horton on December 31, 2010 at 02:43 pm

Thanks :) I'm already one down sort of. I didn't exactly pick Nebraska, but I wasn't sure Locker and Washington could pull it out - but they did. My Georgia team with a 6-6 record plays now and I'm not excited about it lol I am looking forward to the bowls tomorrow and the Sugar Bowl coming up too.

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