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Facebook And Online Dating

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, December 29, 2010

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Facebook's app from Snap Interactive, Inc. is storming the online dating market.

Facebook waded into the online dating world via Snap Interactive, Inc. using the app for both Facebook and the IPhone. The service is now adding 50,000 users a day while is adding only 20,000 a day. Storming the online dating world might be an understatement given how well this app is doing.

The app uses social networking to allow users to see the social connections of users, such as friends and family, to add those into the dating equation from the outset. The Facebook app now has more than 13 million average monthly users according to the research firm In contrast, app on Facebook has about 73,000 average monthly users while app on Facebook has about 8600 average monthly users. That's quite a large difference on Facebook.

Snap Interactive attributes the large difference in part to the fact that traditional online dating companies like and really do not have a large app presence online. Since apps appear to be the hot "thing" of the moment with the advent of phones like the IPhone and things such as the IPad where apps are the name of the game, apps tend to be trending upward in all phases, not just online dating.

Sites like may not sign up as many users, but they seem to attract more serious daters and have an established long-term business having been at online dating since 1995. The company uses pages of data from users along with a very large engineering team that refines the site and the dating algorithms. is working on a new Facebook app that will compete with the app. chief executive Gregory Blatt said, ""AreYouInterested is a flirty, fun little app," Blatt said. "They have a few people working in a garage. We've got hundreds of engineers maximizing our business. You need huge degrees of sophistication, huge amounts of data behind it, and a huge community."

While so-called "serious daters" may prefer traditional online dating sites like and, Americans seem to be conditioned to the hot "thing" of the moment. They want to try the newest app and apps like are seeing the boom from users such as this. Overall sustainability though would probably lend itself to more established, more refined entities such as The hot thing of the moment rarely lasts over the long haul because as we all know there is always a new hot thing just around the next corner. Apps can be fun and for those looking just to hook up, they may be the thing to use for that.

But in my experience, a few drinks, a good amount of cleavage, and you can get pretty much the same thing. It's up to you to decide what it is you really want out of the online dating experience and how best to get it.

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