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Down To The Wire

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, December 27, 2010

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The NFL season has several playoff spots yet to be decided and it's coming down to the wire.

The NFL season is about to come down to the wire. One more Sunday and in some cases it's the day to decide it all as a couple of divisions are still undecided.

AFC South - The Colts and Jags continue to duke it out for the top spot in the division. The Colts are on top right now at an uncharacteristic 9 and 6. The Colts have been beaten up all year. I know they must be on their 17th set of receivers by now and their defense must have been loaned to them by the UFL. Peyton Manning has basically willed them to win. Just fighting through injury after injury pushing forward and trying to pull out the wins. The Jags on the other hand are 8 and 7 and fighting for every single scrap they get. They have lost a couple of games they could have won and it could have put them in a very different position. Now they have to hope for an Indy loss and they have to win next Sunday to be in the post season. Maurice Jones-Drew is injured and did not play this past weekend - and the Jags lost. He has to get healthy and fast for them to have any shot.

NFC West - This division is just bad. The top team, the Rams, is 7 and 8. That is just ridiculous that a possible 8 and 8 team will get into the post season. A 500 team making the playoffs. But it can definitely happen. The Rams have played okay down the stretch with Bradford getting better every week. He is the best of the new crop of quarterbacks in my opinion. The team has some bright lights, but also some glaring problems and regardless of whether they win this division or not, they will not last long in the playoffs. The Seahawks are also still in the game at 6 and 9. Yes, 6 and 9 people. It is almost unfathomable that a team with this kind of record actually has a chance. Next Sunday, the Rams and Seahawks play each other for the division title and whomever comes out the winner gets to go to the post season.

NFC South - Still yet to be decided even though the Falcons are 13 and 2. Tonight, they play the Saints who are 10 and 4 and a win tonight vs the Falcons and a Falcons loss next Sunday to the Panthers could put them in. However, tonight's game is at the Georgia Dome where the Falcons are 18 and 1. This is a huge game for both of these teams and may turn out to be one of the best games of the year - including the playoffs. The Bucs are still in the mix as well with a possible wild card berth still looming.

The NFC still has both wild cards to be decided and a lot of teams are still in the mix. Giants, Packers, Saints, and Bucs all have a chance to get the 2 spots that are still undecided. Next Sunday, the Giants face the Redskins, the Packers face the Bears, the Saints face the Bucs. A huge game potentially for the Bucs and Saints with the Saints being at home in their dome.

The NFL season has been topsy turvy and just plain crazy this year. It's no surprise that it is coming down to the wire.

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