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Feel of Christimas time

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, December 27, 2010

Credit: Kim Vinson
Christmas Tree Lighting at the Biltmore-Downtown los Angeles

May we experience traditions of the season's reflections all year

The mall is packed

Sleigh bell sound


Children look in wonder

The deocrations abound

Glee in their young faces

Cookie crumb and hot chocolate traces

Santa's helpers stationed for wrapping

Festive boxes, bags, with holiday tags

In the midst

Nat King Cole croons

St. Nick is on his way

Its a magical, glorious, refective day

Just 1 before

Angels are rerady to soar

The heavens with Joy

Stay in that inner space

Don't let anything put you out of place

1 day after

We can still celebrate

The beauty and greatess of his birth

Whatever day he actually came to earth

Was well worth

Goodwill, Love, Family, Friends

Community & communion

1 day before, were overpacked stores

In the midst of this, don[t forget to cheris the moment

embrace the feeling

Touch another with a call, text, card, or note

Tis the season

Love and compassion are great gifts

Christ's birth is a connected and heartfelt reason

As one walks the malls, for 1 final call

Sips a Holiday drink

Laughs with a family member

Hugs a cherished friend

In person or just in heart

Shares a meal with another who can't give back

Dry a tear, comfort a soul

Hold the memory

Bittersweet to unfold

Listen to the faint sounds, smells, tastes, and feel of Christmas time

Its all around

Engulf yourself with the spirit

Immerse with the melody, harmony, let music abound

Feel of Christmas time

We should keep its sound

In every home, in every soul, meeting every need

Let love, joy, peace be found

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