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The Big One

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, December 22, 2010

Credit: Leo Reynolds

The Falcons and Saints face off on Monday Night Football in the big one.

During the NFL season, there are several games that can be big ones for teams. Division games. Games to clinch a play off spot or a division title. Games to clinch home field advantage in the post season. The upcoming Monday night game is just such a game - the big one.

The Atlanta Falcons face off against in division rival New Orleans Saints at home on Monday night. The Falcons have already clinched their spot in the playoffs with an amazing 12 and 2 record on the season. The Saints are still hanging in and have an opportunity to make the playoffs as well. With a win over the Saints on Monday night the Falcons would claim the NFC South division title and they would claim home field advantage throughout the post season. The Falcons are currently 19-1 at home under Matt Ryan. Those are fairly good odds going into such a big game. The Falcons are coming off a very successful road trip, but they know this is the big one.

The Saints on the other hand may need some help to get a playoff spot. If the Tampa Bay Bucs lose or tie in their game with the Seahawks, the Saints would get a playoff spot. The other way the Saints can get into the post season is by obviously beating the Falcons or tying with them on Monday night. Given the Falcons home record, the Saints may be banking more on the Tampa Bay loss at this point. If by some chance the Falcons lose their final two games and the Saints win theirs, the Saints would win the division by virtue of their better division record. The Falcons have the Saints at home and the Panthers at home while the Saints have the Falcons away and the Bucs at home. All in the division games.

The big one is Monday night. It's the one that could potentially be for all the marbles in the NFC South and it could be the one to determine where the road to the Super Bowl must pass. The last game was a thriller between these two teams and this one will probably be no different. Definitely, the big one for these two teams.

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