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The One Christian Altar

There is one Christian altar, for worship, adoration, and petitiions. During this Advent and birthday celebration of the Christian event over 2000 years ago.

There is one Christian altar,
For worship, adoration, and petitions.

O dear Lord,
I come before you

Humbly, head bowed,
And knees bent in worship.

I come forward slowly and meekly,
To lay my petitions before you.

I come with my arms,
Raised in praise and honor.

Annually, this Advent season,
Is a time of anticipation,

And remembrance,
Of the promise and realization.

The wondrous birth
Of The Savior.

The Christians around the world,
All turn towards Bethlehem.

All our hearts warm,
At the songs sung heartedly.

Our minds open up,
To the sounds of praise and honor.

In the darkness anticipating,
The Light for us.

The one altar Christ desires,
Is the one inside our minds and hearts.

It is the one,
He wants kept pure and true.

During this Advent and birthday,
Celebration of the event over 2000 years ago.

Keep your heart and mind,
As you would an altar of worship.

For it is the One Place of Worship,
When all else disappears.

It is the One Christian Altar,
Merry Christmas to one and all.

Originally written: 12/20/2010

This will be my last posting for 2010. Merry Christmas
to all the contributors of BrooWaha and the BrooWaha
team that makes this all possible.

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