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Kings Of The League

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, December 21, 2010

Credit: Adrian Midgley

The Eagles took a 21 point deficit and 7 minutes and turned themselves into kings of the league.

On any given Sunday, any NFL team can become kings of the league. Sometimes it's with a memorable play. Sometimes it's with an upset win. And sometimes, it's for an epic comeback for the ages. The Philadelphia Eagles had one such comeback vs the Giants and with it became kings of the league for a day.

The Giants had dominated the game for almost 4 quarters. Three quarters and 8 minutes to be exact. They had held the Eagles down throughout most of the game. They had sacked Michael Vick 3 times. Vick had thrown an interception. The Eagles looked for all intents and purposes as if they were beat. But they weren't. They just kept coming. Michael Vick threw them back into it. He ran them back into it. The Eagles pushed their way back into it until it was tied at 31 with very little time left. It looked to be headed to overtime, but no, the Giants collapse was about to become complete and the Eagles were going to become kings of the league.

The Giants lined up to punt the ball away to the Eagles. The Giants punter had one goal in his life at that moment, punt the ball out of bounds. By no means punt the ball to DeSean Jackson. Just put it out of bounds and go to overtime and take your chances. The Giants punt the ball straight to Jackson, who inexplicably fumbles it, picks it up, and then starts running with it. Picking his way between Giant defenders, many of whom had ample opportunity to take him down. But they don't. He just keeps running down the field towards the end zone and with time ticking away, he keeps running in bounds to run out more of the clock. Finally, he is in the end zone and the Eagles have a 6 point lead with zero seconds on the clock. By rule they are allowed to kick the extra point and they do winning the game by 7 points after being down by 21 points.

The Eagles could have given up. They could have thrown in the towel. They could have let the Giants win. But they never gave up. They just kept coming and the Giants let them come. The Eagles in the span of about 7 minutes went from down and out to kings of the league. One of the best all time game finishes ever and one of the most complete collapses ever. It just doesn't get any better.

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By Deborah Horton on December 21, 2010 at 03:22 pm

It truly was a comeback for the ages. The poor Giants fans :( I too am looking forward to the Falcons/Eagles match up - being a native Georgian - it's going to be great!

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By Deborah Horton on December 23, 2010 at 06:19 am

Ed - In the first paragraph I say the Eagles were Kings of the League for a DAY. That day to be exact. The Patriots are the Kings of the League in an overall sense with the Falcons a very close second. The Falcons and Patriots will make it to the Super Bowl and I don't know who wins - both of these have been my favorite teams for years - so I would be cheering for whomever had the ball hahahaha And how am I to make these pics?? I live in Montana :D

As for the Rams, that division is just messed up - teams that are 6-8 are on top of the division. Whoever wins less will be in from the NFC West and then will be beaten resoundingly in the first round.

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By Deborah Horton on December 23, 2010 at 01:43 pm

We are originally from Georgia and when we got married over 20 years ago my husband was working in Seattle, so we moved there. We lived in Washington State until our oldest was 4 then moved to Montana because we didn't want the kids in Washington schools and because we had friends here and we visited often and loved it. My husband owns his own business and I work at home so it does not matter where we live really. We chose here because we love it and have been here almost 15 years now.

As for sports voids, it is true we have no pro teams, but we have several rookie league baseball teams, for the Reds, White Sox, and several other teams here. We also have several colleges here with Carroll in Helena just winning the NAIA football national championship last week. As for pro teams, most Montanans are fans of the Broncos or Vikings, some Steelers, some Seahawks, just for geographical proximity. I however am a fan of the Falcons, as I was born and lived in Georgia for 27 years and then I've always been a fan of the Patriots as well. I'm a fan of all Georgia sports teams, but also like a lot of other teams Celtics, Nuggets, Red Sox, Rays, Penguins - I'm an equal opportunity sports fan lol

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