Sunday, December 16, 2018

Redskins Need A Psychiatrist

Credit: Rachel Lynne Smith
Donovan McNabb

The Washington Redskins keep doing things that make it clear they need psychological help.

The Washington Redskins have done one thing after another all season that makes it very clear they need psychiatric help. One decision after another that makes no sense and does nothing to help their team win. This weekend it has reached the last straw and an intervention may be necessary.

The Redskins decided to put Donovan McNabb on the bench and start Rex Grossman vs the Cowboys. This is the very same Rex Grossman who was run out of Chicago on a rail because he was an inadequate QB. Listen closely, he still is. There is nothing absolutely nothing that would make one think he is a viable alternative to McNabb versus the Cowboys. I have no doubt the Cowboys are throwing a party about now at this prospect. Not only did the Redskins bench McNabb for this game, they have benched him for the rest of the season and coach Shanahan has been quoted as having told McNabb he cannot guarantee that McNabb will be back next season. Do the Redskins seriously think that McNabb is the entirety of their issues? Do they seriously think that Rex Grossman is their answer? Somebody needs to get a straight jacket on these people.

Shanahan came in with specific ideas for this team. Specific ideas for the offense and defense. He wanted to run certain schemes, plays. He had big plans. The problem was he tailored these plans for a team in his head and not the team he had on the field. He was unwilling to change those plans to suit the players he had. He was determined to go forward with what he wanted to do come hell or a losing season and he's gotten both. He has been back and forth on McNabb all season. Claiming the man couldn't play the 2 minute offense. Claiming he was this or that. He has been unwavering on this defensive scheme that has Albert Haynesworth basically refusing to play and the team out over 100 million bucks. And guess what, the Redskins are losing week after week. There's no stability. There is no cohesion of vision. There is no team. It's Shanahan, his imagined football team, and the actual team. It's a mess.

Now, I don't know how the Redskins fix this. Apparently they are willing to throw away McNabb. They are also going to have to do something with Haynesworth, trade him, let him go and eat the money, something. But what do they intend to do with the rest of the team that STILL will not fit into Shanahan's little dream world. Are they going to keep on this path with Shanahan wanting his dream team and the rest of the team wondering what the hell they are supposed to be doing? Are they seriously going to go with Grossman as their starter? Insanity - doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result.

The Redskins need psychiatric help and right now.

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