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A Singleton Christmas

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Being single at Christmas can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but there is a difference in lonely and alone, and there are a lot of ways in which to make yourself merry and find relationships.

Christmas can be overwhelming for the single among us. They are constantly bombarded with lovely pictures of people sharing the holidays together as couples or families. Television ads are overloaded with the buying of jewelry, especially engagement rings. Cologne and perfume ads filled with relationship nuances. Some who are single fall into the blue Christmas pit of despair, but there is much that one can do to make themselves merry and also to possibly find a new relationship.

Keep yourself open to possibilities. There are always lots of gatherings where a single person can meet other singles. The holidays tend to make people let down their guard as they share the yuletide joy of the season. Office gatherings, holiday shows, parades, art showings, live music performances. Always keep yourself open in these situations and participate in conversation. Don't be a wall flower.

Don't over romanticize any new relationship you may develop over the holidays. Just because you're having coffee with a new someone, doesn't mean you trot them off to every family gathering between December 15 and New Year's Day. Don't fall into the trap of putting all the holiday joy feelings into a cup of coffee and seeing an engagement ring dancing before your eyes on Valentine's Day. Enjoy the moment. Keep it lighthearted and soak up the magic of the season. There might be just a little that seeps into the relationship as well.

Go shopping. There are tons of people out and about. Long lines and browsers in the aisles. Lots of people to bump into - literally. A smile can start a whole new adventure. Talking to someone in a line to pass the time can lead to a coffee date. Helping an indecisive shopper pick out a great gift can lead to a dinner date. Always be open to whatever possibilities come your way.

Make a list of new things you want to try in the new year. Broaden your horizons and you broaden your possibility to make connections. Don't stay in a rut. Get out and try something new where you will meet new people.

Reconnect with old friends. The holidays are a great time to reconnect with people and in doing so, you connect with new people that they now know. Someone in those groups may be just what you've been looking for.

Keep holiday traditions that are dear to you. Just because you are single doesn't mean that you should abandon the things that make your holidays special. Bake those special cookies from your childhood, make some treats to gift to neighbors and friends, decorate. Keep the holiday magic alive in your own heart.

Accept all invitations that you receive and don't choose being alone over going somewhere alone. Go to the local coffeehouse, bookstore, library, out shopping. Go to every event that you are invited to. Make the most of your opportunities.

Being single during the holidays can lead to being lonely or it can lead to a whole new world of relationships and adventures. It all depends on being open to possibilities.

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