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Concussions, Goodell, and Walk Outs

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, December 17, 2010

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Concussions are up in the NFL and the league wants to add 2 more regular season games to the regular season.

A new report has come out that there are even more concussions in the NFL this season than before. Despite the rules on "illegal hits" more players are getting concussions. In the 21st century, we can almost rebuild an entire human with prosthetics, bionics, and transplants and yet no one is able to make a better football helmet. Hard to believe, and yet it is true. Aaron Rogers suffered his 2nd concussion and by all accounts a pretty bad one as he spent the Monday after the game in bed from hitting his head on the ground. Not from an illegal hit, but for his head hitting the ground. There also seems to be some kind of disconnect with players who get these concussions and what they may suffer later in life. Did anyone not pay attention to Chris Henry's autopsy report? He was very, very young, but his brain showed significant damage. Concussions are going to happen in a contact sport like football, but they can be minimized and there has got to be someone somewhere who can make a better helmet.

Roger Goodell said today that he believes the NFL talks will be ending soon and that there will be an agreement that prevents a walk out. The NFL still wants to extend the season to 18 games. The players are against this. For many reasons, potential injuries being only one of them, however probably the most important. Players want teams to add additional roster spots and cut offseason workouts by about one-third from the current 14 weeks. The also want less contact in practice. Most experts think that the NFL would have to give more than they are willing to get the players to agree to this extended schedule, however the league seems confident that they can get through a new CBA with this provision included. The league of course wants to get rid of 2 pre-season games and therefore make more revenue off regular season games. Teams would also make more money off of 2 more regular season games. It's the players who would have to risk further exposure to injury under this scenario. Doesn't it seem like a conflict of interest with the NFL pushing so hard to try and supposedly eliminate injuries only to create an environment where more injuries can happen?

Some people involved in the new CBA bargaining have come out and said they think there will be a new agreement by the end of the regular season, which is January 2. Goodell himself said that he thinks by the end of the post season is more realistic. Other observers think these are just pie in the sky dreams. Maybe political posturing. Previously, most people had thought a new agreement would not be in place until closer to March. I think that the league may want this 18 game season enough to give the players union just about anything they want, but it remains to be seen if that pans out. Right now, maybe everyone should be working on how to make a better helmet.

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