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Those Who Can't

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, December 15, 2010

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A few NFL teams that just can't seem to get it together this season.

There are the teams that can and do and then there are those who seemingly can't and don't. This NFL season has been one of surprise and unpredictability. There are a few teams who just can't seem to get it together, some despite a lot of hype and a lot of talent.

The New York Jets - They started out great. The sports media was all over them like white on rice claiming how great they were. They had plenty of bluster and they backed it up some of the time. Most of the time though, they got lucky with last minute wins and then they got plastered by the Patriots. They lost the next week to the Dolphins after only being able to score 9 points in 2 games. They were unable to score a single point against the Packers. It definitely appears they are all hype and no show.

The Cincinnati Bengals - Seemingly all the talent in the world and yet they are incapable of winning more than 2 games. At least 6 excellent receivers. A quarterback who most people thought would be able to manage all this talent. A decent running back. A pretty good defense. And it has all fallen apart. Some people think it's the head coach, some think it's the offensive coordinator. Some people think that it's too much talk in the ear of Carson Palmer from his high profile receivers. Whatever it is, it is definitely not working for the Bengals this year.

The Tennessee Titans - Things were going along okay for a while with Vince Young at QB. Then it all imploded. Young implodes, Coach Fisher implodes, and then the Titans implode. After being in contention for the division behind a faltering Colts team, the Titans are now at the bottom of the division and don't look to be recovering anytime soon. Young is done for the year and the Titans problems are not going away.

The Denver Broncos - They drafted Tim Tebow to much hype and he's just not ready to play in the NFL. They went with Orton. They went with McDaniels. They taped another team's walk through. They got lambasted by the Raiders. Things went downhill faster than an Olympic skier. McDaniels was fired. The Broncos can't win a game it seems and are now in the basement of their division with a 3 and 10 record.

The Dallas Cowboys - They were playing badly with Romo, very badly. They are still playing badly without him, though not as badly. Still, they reside in the bottom of their division and with 3 games left, they just won't make the playoffs even if they win out. They changed coaches and played some better, but I still believe that their core problem resides at quarterback, and I mean Romo. Even when he comes back it won't make them a better team....but they won't get rid of him, so they will continue to be the almost rans of the league.

The Minnesota Vikings - Favre coming back after a stellar 2009 season seemed like it was going to be the key to the Vikings going to the post season. But then Sidney Rice was out for months, Percy Harvin kept having migraines, and Favre was nothing like his 2009 self. The Vikings dropped like a rock and now with Favre out maybe for the rest of the season, the Vikings look to finish at the bottom of their division. They fired their coach, but if they had benched Favre several weeks ago, they might not be where they are now.

The Entire NFC West - Is there a worse division in all of football? These teams are mediocre - all of them. They might win or they might not win and a team that wins 7 or 8 games may make the playoffs and get home field advantage. It's fairly pathetic when the team at the top has a 6 and 7 record....not even 500. The Rams, Seahawks, Cardinals, and 49ers should just flip a coin to see who wins the division.

And there you have it, those who can't in the NFL.

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