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Smoke and Mirrors

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smoke and mirrors

The online dating world can be quite the challenge - being careful is the key.

As a freelance writer, I am always on the lookout for more work. I go through hundreds of potential writing opportunities every week. Recently, I ran across one that made me more than a little concerned about the many who are venturing into the online dating world.

The job was for someone to write a person's online dating profile and then, to answer all their online dating responses. Immediately, thoughts of misrepresentation came to my mind. Having someone else write about you and answer your email seems to open all kinds of doors to a complete misrepresentation of the facts. A lot of people have often wondered to me if the pictures you see on dating sites are the actual person. I think in most cases they are, but I do think there are those that are completely fabricated. This writing job seems to lend itself to the complete fabrication of the person as well.

Of course, someone could just want to hire someone who writes better than they do to make an impression, a first impression. That I can see as a valid reason for hiring someone for this type of work. But, there have to be those who are only interested in covering the truth of themselves by having someone else sugar coat and misrepresent. That's a dangerous thing and as the writer may not even know that much about the person hiring them, as it's all done online for the most part, someone could be writing dating profiles and answering dating emails from a criminal or something much more sinister.

The online dating world is filled with potential pit falls. I do know personally though people who have used these services and who are now happily married. Like anything it takes a great deal of research and a great deal of care and not a small dose of skepticism at first. If someone is willing to have another person, a stranger, writer their profile and answer their mail, they might not be on the complete up and up. Then again, they could just be looking for a better writer.

Online dating can be the path to relationship happiness for many, many people. A little care and investigation goes a long way though. Just be sure that the person you are interested in is not all smoke and mirrors.

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By Deborah Horton on December 14, 2010 at 08:12 am

It can be very dangerous, but also very rewarding - it just takes a little care like everything else :)

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