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Those Who Can Do

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, December 13, 2010

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Some NFL teams just seem to be ahead of the game this season.

There are some NFL teams that seem to be ahead of the curve this season and some who were hyped to be ahead of the game, but as time goes on we see they are just not all that. Those who can do and those who can't - don't make it to the playoffs.

The New England Patriots are far and away the best team in football. They have beaten several of the "so called" top teams. They were counted out when they started the season with their young defense. They were counted out when they traded away star receiver Randy Moss. The one thing that people never take into account is that you can never count the Patriots out as long as Brady is healthy. They went into Chicago and dismantled the Bears in a blizzard. The Bears, who are on top of the NFC North, and who people think are so great. No, the Patriots are great. They are balanced - running and passing. They go long and they go over the middle. The defense is playing great football. And Tom Brady is Tom Brady. Those who can do.

The Atlanta Falcons are now 11 and 2 and are I think the best team in the entire NFC. The Falcons are also a balanced team with an outstanding running game with Michael Turner and Matt Ryan throwing the ball very, very well. The Falcons also play great defense with an up and coming standout named Brett Grimes. The Falcons are 19-1 at home and are on the verge of clinching home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Those who can do.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are still fighting their way to the post season. Rothliesberger still has broken bones in his foot. He had surgery on his broken nose. He was playing in a boot and a face cast basically. They took their game to the Bengals and exposed every weakness they have snagging 3 interceptions and scoring touchdowns with their defense. The Steelers keep fighting their way week after week to the playoffs. Those who can do.

The Philadelphia Eagles went to Dallas and once again came away the winner. Michael Vick despite taking several shots during the game, marched the team up and down the field on the Dallas defense. The Eagles running game found huge holes and made the most of them. The Eagles did let the Cowboys into the game, but they were able to overcome and in the end the Eagles ended up with the win. If the Giants lose to the Vikings, the Eagles could be in control of their own destiny. Those who can do.

Tomorrow, I will take a look at those who can't....

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