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The Big Bang Theory Recap: The Alien Parasite Hypothesis

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Penny introduces her ex to Amy and Bernadette

Amy experiences signs of physical attraction towards Penny's ex; Raj and Howard duel to settle an argument on who should be a superhero or a sidekick.

Things in The Big Bang Theory turned the heat up — in the most interesting way possible. In this episode, The Alien Parasite Hypothesis, Amy Fowler (Mayim Bialik) meets Penny’s ex Zack (Brian Smith) and experiences incoherent speech, among other symptoms.

After an analysis participated on by Sheldon (Jim Parsons), no less, Amy concludes that she is sexually attracted to Zack. Sheldon refuses to accept this and would rather believe the possibility of an alien parasite. Amy accuses him of being jealous and he storms out. If this was true, then it’s probably the first time Sheldon showed jealousy towards the opposite sex.

When Amy first appeared on the show, it seemed she was the female counterpart of Sheldon. Turns out this is not entirely true. Even after confronting Zack with her true feelings, which Sheldon acknowledged with approval, she goes on to another experiment — holding Sheldon’s hand. If there ever were gentle moments in this show, this would be one of them. (Sheldon’s first Penny hug being on the top of the list). Somehow, Amy seems to still want to have a human side — while Sheldon simply can not, do not and might never have.

But while this show proves Sheldon may never care for someone sexually, he still has a certain value for friendship. For a minute, we thought he was going to do what we all knew Penny was telling him to do — but sadly, we were wrong. Instead of letting Amy succumb to her basal instincts, he helps her face her, uh, challenge and get over it as quickly as she can. This also proves Penny’s practice of thinking about Sheldon to suppress libido is true. Apparently holding his hand does the same thing for Amy.

On the other end of the geek spectrum, Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunnal Nayar) has an argument on who can be the hero and the sidekick if they had superhuman powers. They settle this by a round of wrestling, with Leonard (Johnny Galecki) watching — and eventually sleeping — in the sidelines. It doesn’t show who wins, seeing that the only thing these two exchanged for the duration of the fight were “very excellent super hero quips”.

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