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Los Angeles Religous Education Congress Youth day!

by RLSegarra (writer), Los Angeles, March 02, 2007

Over 14,000 high school students and their chaperones decended upon the Anaheim Convention Center and brought with them enough joy, faith and energy to light up the whole state.

Youth Day kicked off the 4 day Los Angeles Religious Education Congress that brings speakers from all over the globe, Catholic and non-Catholic to share, teach and inspire teens and adults. The workshops run the gammut from social justice to how to be more christian to your family. The music is soulful and joyful and brings you as close to heaven as is humanly and earthly possible.

Today brought thousands of teens proudly wearing t-shirts that had symbols and pictures showing why they were here along with the name of the parish they came from. They were filled with faith, joy and laughter. They were up front singing and dancing to the music that filled the Liturgies and opening and closing ralleys that would not allow anyone to sit down. In a church battered by it's own sins of hurting its children, it was wonderful to see the youth and it's leaders come together, united happy and joyful. Father Tony Picard, from the city of New Orleans still devastated from Hurricane Katrina, presided over one of the masses for the youth. Father Tony's love of his faith, God and our youth touched each and every young persons heart and soul. The love and respect for our youth was apparent in every adult, religious and priest present.

The day has faded into night, but the memories of this day filled with praise, joy, friendship, hope and laughter will be with those who attended, forever. What does our future look like with this generation? It looks happy, joyful, faith looks pretty damn good!

The Los Angeles Relgious Education Congress at the Anaheim Convention Center runs through March 4, 2007. If you have never experienced it, you need to purchase a ticket. The music for the afternoon and evenings concerts will make the price well worth it.

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