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The System is BROKEN!

by D. E. Carson (writer), , December 08, 2010

If you think otherwise, you are completely wrong.

A 47-year-old man was attacked by other inmates in a holding cell at the Rancho Cucamonga, CA detention center. The reason for the attack is not absolutely certain, but the man, Reginald Christopher, was awaiting transportation to court to be sentenced for his conviction of having sexual relations with and pimping out a 13-year-old girl[1]. It is reasonable to believe that his conviction constituted much of the impetus for the attack.

Christopher was convicted in October of having sex with his 13-year-old victim as well as pimping her out to others in Montrose and Ontario. The crimes took place over a three week period in 2008. Prior to the conviction, Christopher had served 26 years behind bars for kidnapping, rape, robbery and various other parole violations. He was awaiting transport to court where he was to face up to a life sentences in prison for his crime when the attack occurred. His attackers were in the cell awaiting their own court appearances and utilized unidentified sharp objects.

Can we not see the ineffectiveness of rehabilitation? Christopher is a man possessed of pure evil and yet no one has the intestinal fortitude to address it for what it is. It is an all-too-commonly repeated scenario playing over and over in America every day. An individual engages in acts of evil and is then labeled as being “mentally imbalanced” or “psychotic” and then the individual is incarcerated under the false pretense that he can be rehabilitated.

After 26 years of prison, parole violations it is glaringly apparent that Mr. Christopher is unwilling to be rehabilitated. His crimes against individuals – rape, sex with a minor, offering a minor for sex for profit, kidnapping – are all indicators that this man is not someone who deserves to be allowed to live among law-abiding citizens. That he engaged in sexual relations with a 13-year-old girl and then forced her to perform sex acts with others is a heinous crime at the same abhorrent level as first degree murder and should be punished at the same level – death penalty if allowable. Even those who participated in the crime deserve the death penalty for further desecrating the innocence of a child. If we do not protect our children from these filthy animals, then there is no hope for our society’s future.

Christopher is not the first man convicted of having sex with minors, nor is he the first to conceive of the idea of hiring minors out to others for sex. He and others like him are evil personified and a righteous society deserves the freedom to eradicate these monsters from their midst in the pursuit of the safety and sanctity of its children.

That is not to say that the men who attacked Christopher are exonerated for their crime. Vigilante justice at the hands of the people without due process of law is equally evil personified. Furthermore, the two attackers – in custody on robbery and murder charges – should not be held up as heroes. They denied Christopher his due process and deserve to be prosecuted for such.

A society that does not mete out swift and effective justice and punishment for crimes is weak and easily subdued by stronger forces. America has become a weak and spineless society undeserving of the freedoms enjoyed by its citizens. Americans have allowed pseudo-sympathetic entities to rewrite the rules of decent society to provide more privileges to those who do not deserve them and restrict and reduce the privileges of the law-abiding citizens. Hard time should be hard time. American prisons fail to produce the desired effect because prisoners are given the same or better amenities than are available to honest citizens.

It has often been said that prisoners in America are treated better than the military. It is no surprise then that people who find themselves in prison often fall into recidivism simply because they cannot function in open society. Prisons are the ultimate test case in socialism. Every basic need and amenity is provided to the prisoner at no cost to him. All prisoners are given essential medical care, clothing, shelter, food and a place to sleep as well as access to Internet, telephone, libraries, physical conditioning equipment and television without him having to so much as lift a finger to obtain it. Pseudo-sympathetic entities howl at the idea of prison being what it intended – a deterrent to crime – labeling it as “inhumane” and “mentally demeaning”. The true rehabilitative power of prison is that it is supposed to be someplace uncomfortable; somewhere no one wanted to go – that it was avoided at all costs meaning citizens would behave in such a way that their life choices would not lead them there. As it stands now, prisoners live the life of Riley. Many recidivists have often bragged openly about how they have it so good in prison that many of them don’t want to leave and will often commit crimes solely for the purpose of being sent back inside.

This is not rehabilitation – this is co-dependency. Prisons, as they function now, create helpless victims dependent on the government for their existence. They are a microcosm of socialism and what life is like under autonomous rule.


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By Credo on December 24, 2010 at 12:56 pm

Interesting article, the correctional institution in its raw state is an exclusive narration which is demonstratively overlooked by the corpus media. Profusely society is never cognizant of the harsh realities and actual circumstances that are occurring on a daily basis within the penal system, finding themselves in a stupor when it concerns the actual agenda of the system or the method of rehabilitation of so called criminals. We as layman are never in a position to judge estimable to any genuine jurisprudence prior to the conclusion of any trial, nor are we informed enough, educated enough in any area of expertise to determine the guilt or innocence of a person, the mental state of a person, nor the status of a person. However without the professional background to support our contentions or beliefs about a transitional prisoner we blankly judge and condemn an individual due to our emotional stances and the stigma attached to various kinds of crimes before knowing the entire circumstances in which has evolved to the crime committed.

Also it is not justice to make the assumption that because a person once committed a crime that he can not be rehabilitated or that he ever committed an additional crime. The laws of this country was once meant that we should judge each crime independent from the next, with the assumption that the person accused was innocent until proven guilty by a court of law under due process. This outcome whereby the prisoners are allowed to abuse, disfigure or kill another prisoner within custody is reprehensible, because the very nature of these acts alleges that the judicial system and the penal system have devolved into a mob like activism, having no understanding or principals of justice operative to due process.

Once the public begins to back seat judge or stand in for the jury merely by reading a newspaper about a crime, we have developed as a society into a self devouring scourge that will one day come knocking at our doors with a falsified accusation, an indictment, and a judgment, completely fabricated yet the sentence shall be forthcoming, because we by our endorsement of the non judged, we have fallen as a society relegated to the presumption of guilt rather than the presumption of innocence.

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By D. E. Carson on December 27, 2010 at 12:36 pm

Credo: Do you really think Timothy McVeigh could have been rehabilitated? What about Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Al Capone or John Gotti? Do you honestly believe that any of these men could have been or can be rehabilitated? Manson has repeatedly said that if he ever gets out he'll kill again, yet he keeps coming up for parole. I'm sorry, but if a person has a rap sheet a mile long, then there is no rehabilitating that person. Jail was meant to be a deterrent to crime not a long-term extended luxury resort for evil-doers. Our society rewards these criminals with better living conditions than the homeless.

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