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iPhone app scans and compares food nutrition labels

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iPhone apps offer new way to compare nutrition labels

Now available in Apple's App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

UK consumers can already turn to mySupermarket for grocery store price comparisons as they shop online. But now reports that access to food nutrition is in the palm of US consumer's hands.

With the use of an iPhone app, Fooducate allows American shoppers to find the healthiest foods through information available on nutrition labels.

Supermarket shoppers must typically make countless product comparisons and decisions as they navigate the aisles of their favourite grocery store, and nutrition information labels only help so much; still lurking unaccounted for in many products are trans fats, sugars, artificial flavours and other offenders of good health.

With the Fooducate iPhone app, shoppers can simply scan a barcode for product highlights — both good and bad — as well as to compare products and find better alternatives.

Scan a box of Apple Jacks cereal, for instance, and Fooducate will point out the 3 teaspoons of added sugar and controversial colourings.

Try Cranberry Almond Crunch instead and you'll discover a whopping 3.5 teaspoons of added sugar plus the fact that it's not actually whole grain.

Created by a team of dieticians and concerned parents, Fooducate currently covers more than 160,000 products, and that number is growing daily.

The free Fooducate app is now available in Apple's App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It is not affiliated with any food manufacturer, supplement company or diet plan.

Just as transparency tyranny has increasingly opened up pricing to greater scrutiny and accountability, so does it promise to do the same for nutrition information, which is another area that's traditionally been fairly opaque.

Opportunities for this one?

It's the smart grocer who will partner with or emulate Fooducate for a branded app that can be offered as a perk to shoppers and then used to keep them hooked with additional special offers and other enticements.

And how about you, restaurateurs?

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By Kat22 on June 07, 2011 at 04:49 am

That is goind to be very convenient, right? Especially in our world, when too many calaries are everywhere.


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