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Democrats Should Stand Up And Be Counted

by Libdrone (writer), Pierce County, Washington, December 06, 2010

Credit: United States Senate
Senator Mich McConnell will Still be minority leader in the next US Senate.

If Republicans insist on holding all legislation hostage to tax cuts for the richest 2% of Americans, Democrats should let them.

"Give 'em hell Barry!" How I can only wish that our President would heed these wise words from Los Angeles Times columnist Michael Hiltzik. I found it shocking, honestly, to see President Obama apologizing last week for not having "reached out more" to Republican Congressional leaders. This meek apology seems to quite ignore the fact that Republicans have shown amazing unanimity in opposing any and everything that President Obama and his Democrats have attempted to do in the two years they have been in power. The party of NO! has spent the last two years dragging their feet, kicking and screaming and doing everything in their power to stop the majority Democrats from governing.

So it's a bit disconcerting that hapless Democrats seem not to realize that it is a time, not in fact for re-doubling efforts to find an obviously non-existant bi-partisanship but for standing up firmly for the values they were elected to uphold. If the Republicans want to insist on making tax cuts for the wealthiest two percent a pre-condition for passing any economic relief for the struggling unemployed and the middle class, by gosh LET THEM. Make them vote repeatedly against extending unemployment benefits, cutting taxes for families with incomes under a million dollars and any other common sense legislation they are foolish enough to hold up. Let them spend the remaining few weeks of this Congress obstructing what they will.

Come January, don't hesitate for a single moment to use your Veto pen to make clear to those Republicans who choose to expend all of their political capital for the wealthiest two percent of Americans and against everyone else that they do not in fact control the way forward. If the Republicans want to hold up all of the American people's business for tax cuts for the wealthy, I say by God let them. The American people will have no choice but to see who is standing in the way of their health and well being. If you can but be brave and stand up to these avaricious cave men who are stooges of the very, very rich I am quite certain they will swept from office come 2012. But I warn you President Obama and Democrat Congressional leaders-- if you cave on tax cuts for the very rich it will mark the beginning of the end of your time in Washington. The American people did not send you to Wahsington to bend in the wind and yeild to a determined minority. If you really think we did, go ahead and "compromise". But really. You ought to to dance with the ones what brung ya.

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By Notumbus Bumbus on December 29, 2011 at 09:30 am

This most sadly seems a pointless argument, given the long history of caving and hand-wringing the Dems WhatBroughtUs have succumbed to. It increasingly appears to be another "lesser of two weevils" election cycle.

PS - politics and humor are inseperable, at this point, IMHO. ;-)

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