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Jesus Christ has been found along with wife and son!..?

by TaniaB (writer), Queens, NY, March 02, 2007

The tomb of Jesus christ has been found!
Well that's what James Cameron(the Oscar winning director
of Titanic) and Simcha Jacobovici want to prove. Set to air on the discovery channel March.4th will be a documentary that claims to provide a
sufficient amount of evidence that Jesus was definetly married to Mary Magdaline and also had a son by the name of Judah. For more info on this notion please refer to The Davinci Code by Dan Browne or save yourself some time and rent the movie.

Israeli construction workers first discovered ten limestone coffins in a tomb, outside of Jerusalem, March of 1980. The individuals involved in the project believe that the names found on the coffins did indeed belong to Jesus (aka christ), Mary Magdalene and they're son Judah. The other coffins involved contained the names Mary, Matthew and Jofa. Which some believe are the names of the virgin Mary and of Joseph the brother of Jesus.

Now Im just more than a little skeptical of all this "How can they be so sure that this is THE JESUS christians worship"? How many people in Israel during that era had the same common names? I know that today in 2007 they're are numerous men that go by the name of JESUS usually pronounced (HaY-SooS) and many Mary's in this world as well; all spelled and pronounced differently of course. Another problem I have with this assumption from James and friends is that they claim to be able to prove that it's definetly the tomb of Jesus Christ because they extracted samples from "Jesus and Mary Magdalenes coffins" and matched it to DNA evidence. I would also love to figure out where they found the original DNA OF Jesus Christ; has the cross he died on been found or something"?
To sum up this article I guess it boils down to it Could or Couldnt be. In my humble opinion... WE WILL NEVER KNOW BECAUSE THEY'RE IS NO WAY TO PROVE ANY OF THIS; it is only a matter of opinion. In conclusion ...I am definetly looking forward to watching the documentary on the Discovery channel which again airs on March.4/07 conveniently titled "The Lost Tomb of Jesus".

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