Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Aspens Are Speaking

The gentle breezes and the leaves are conversing. At times the voices sound like a waterfall. At other times a roaring avalanch. The aspens are quaking. The aspens are talking.

The gentle breezes
And the leaves are conversing.

At times the voices
Sound like a waterfall.

At other times,
A roaring avalanch.

Then, I hear applause.
In the distance, then coming closer.

There is a pause
In the breeze.

The conversation seizes.
Silence of the forest surrounds me.

And then, like us,
The conversation begins anew.

The aspens are speaking!

Every year I take a trip to see the aspens leaves turning yellow, gold and even orange. People call the aspens quaking when the leaves shake and you can hear them shaking against each other. Standing in the forest you can hear the breeze rustling the leaves in the distance and as the breeze picks up nearer. They are speaking to all who would listen.

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By Frank - icare2be on December 02, 2010 at 04:52 pm

@Melody - Thank you... To lie on my back amidst the aspens listening to their whispers and even shouts brings a peace to my inner-self that is the quiet my heart seeks. I can hear the breeze start far away, come closer and finally sweep on past me off into the horizons. To listen to the ebb and flow of the voices of the quaking aspens is like listening to the greatest symphony in San Francisco or New York city. I could only wish everyone could and would enjoy the same music.

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