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Nevada Upsets Boise State; BCS breathes huge sigh of relieve

by SanityCheck2 (writer), Piedmont Triad Area of North Carolina, November 29, 2010

BCS now only has one extra undefeated team that will get screwed out of a chance to play for the National Championship

Those who follow Division one college football are no doubt aware that Boise State finally lost a football game to the University of Nevada. Let there be no misunderstanding here: with two seconds left in a tie game and with a “chip shot” of a field goal for the win, whatever happened in the game up to this point is simply moot: Every coach in the country would love to be in this exact situation; Kyle Brotzman missed the kick that would have won the game.

In the College version of overtime, each team gets an opportunity to score. Boise State had another chip shot for a three point lead which would have forced Nevada to score a touchdown for the win or at least a field goal for the tie to force the O/T to a second round. Brotzman again missed. Nevada then had merely to kick a field goal for the win which they did as Kyle wasn’t kicking for them.

Had he made the kick, Brotzman would have returned to Boise and a round of debauchery and partying that would make a rock star blush. Instead, Brotzman returned to his apartment where he probably discovered his car had been vandalized by the Boise State Alumni Association.

Within minutes of the game’s end, sportswriters across the nation began slapping each other on the ass in a self-congratulatory round of what is best termed relief that Boise’s loss, a single overtime loss to a ranked opponent, their only loss in the last 24 games, would completely eliminate Boise State from BCS contention and a shot at the National Championship. At no time did any of these self described Sport’s enthusiasts stop to consider the positively disgusting process employed by the BCS; the one system in all of organized sports that removes the element of chance incumbent in actually playing the game and relegates the sporting aspects to a computer program. Ironic actually that in playing a game that all the BCS stats said Boise State should have won but lost, the “Sports writers” are now exuberantly confident in the very system that had Boise State erroneously ranked so high in the first place? In engineering, when the statistics are this fallacious, there is obviously something wrong with the system, just ask the guys who designed the brakes for Toyota. The sports writers, who should be using Boise State as an example of how bad the BCS system actually is, instead are collectively breathing a sigh of relief that Boise State is now completely out of contention for the National Championship?

There is a contradiction at work here that seems to be of no concern to those who profess an abiding love for sports: the only reason to play the game is because the outcome is unknown. If all the statistics and all the carefully crafted BCS calculations still result in “upsets”, then it follows that the same calculations could quite easily put the wrong two teams into the National Championship game. In just about every football league at every level across the United States a playoff format is in place with the notable exception of Division One college football and incredibly, few “Sports writers” seem to care.

The BCS format ensures that two and only two teams will play for the national championship and that if four quality teams are undefeated at the end of the regular season, two of these teams will be eliminated from contention based solely on their BCS rating and nothing else. For those who would criticize Boise State’s schedule; the NCAA requires no college team add Boise State to their schedule and few teams wishing to contend for the National Championship really want a wild card like Boise State on their schedule. Just ask Virginia Tech. The NCAA and BCS have systematically destroyed Division one football with the “Re-alignment” of college athletic conferences into hideously large conglomerates that serve no purpose other than to enhance a school’s chances for a National Championship in Football. Conversely, any team not in one of these mega conferences has literally no chance of competing for the national championship. Until such time that a playoff system is implemented, The Division one National football Championship isn't a true championship as the national championship is not “Settled on the field”. I think Boise Sate would beat the crap out of Auburn… we’ll never know and that seems to be quite acceptable to some who profess a love for “sports” yet support a system that removes sports from the process.

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