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Hot And Cold

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, November 29, 2010

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A look at who is hot and cold in the NFL right now.


Atlanta Falcons - 19-1 in their home dome. 9-2 on the season. They beat the Packers by coming back at the end of the game to secure the win in less than a minute's time. A complete team with both a running and a passing attack and a defense that really stood up in this game.

New England Patriots - 9-2 and keeping pace with the Jets. Patriots are improving at every position with each week. The balls thrown are spread out amongst about 6 players. The running game is moving. The defense is improving every week and Tom Brady had a perfect passer rating on Thanksgiving.

New York Jets - 9-2 and just ahead of the Patriots in their division. The Jets put down the hapless Bengals on Thanksgiving and keep rolling along. Next Monday night, it's the game of the year, Jets vs Patriots for all the marbles.

Chargers - They have won 4 games in a row and are making their move in the AFC West. Vincent Jackson is back. The Chargers beat the Colts on Sunday and they are closing in on the Chiefs.

Bears - They have won 4 in a row and sit atop the NFC North ahead of the Packers who lost to the Falcons on Sunday. Cutler performed very well, uncharacteristically well vs the Eagles on Sunday and the Bears are now in the driver's seat.

Saints - The Saints have won 4 in a row and are trying to keep pace with the Falcons in the NFC South with an 8-3 record. The Saints downed the Cowboys and they have the Falcons coming up soon in the Falcons home dome, very unfriendly confines, but a must win for the Saints.


Bengals - They have lost 8 games in a row and I am still trying to figure out why. They have probably 6 top tier receivers. They have a very good running back. Their QB is not awful. I really do not know what is causing all their trouble, but they are in deep now.

Titans - No Vince Young. No QB that can come in and lead. All kinds of drama. And 4 losses in a row including getting blown out by the Texans on Sunday. It looks all downhill from here.

Lions - I hate to put them here. The team is SO much better than their record indicates. However, they have lost 4 in a row. They lost their QB for the season. And they are at the bottom of the standings, again.

Panthers - They have had one injury after another. I think almost the whole team has been injured this season. They got Clausen back, but it matters little. They have lost 5 in a row and are in the same division as the Saints and Falcons.

Cardinals - In quite possibly the worst division in football, the Cardinals are at the bottom of the NFC West and have lost 5 in a row. The Cardinals never recovered from the Matt Leinart debacle and right now they just have to be hoping to get a top QB in the 2011 draft.

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