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Losing Is A Team Sport

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, November 28, 2010

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Boise State

Boise State's national title game hopes were dashed by Nevada and a total team effort.

It seems that most people want to blame Boise State's loss last night vs Nevada on the Boise State kicker. Yes, he missed 2 chip shot field goals, but he didn't lose the game. Not by himself. Losing is a team sport.

Boise State had Nevada down 24-7 at one point. They had played the game they played all year. Get a big lead early. Have the defense hold the other team down. Manage the clock. It looked as if Boise had this game well in hand. Nevada couldn't get anything going it appeared. But then it was halftime and Nevada obviously made some big adjustments. They came out and put up double the yards they had in the first 2 quarters. They pressured Kellen Moore relentlessly. They marched the ball down the field on their possessions. They made timely stops. Nevada scored 24 points in the second half. Boise State scored 7. That is the difference in the game. Not the kicks that followed. Boise State had the game won and after the half they let Nevada come back and come back and come back until the game was tied.

Yes, the kick wasn't made that would have prevented overtime. However, it wasn't the kick that got them to that point. It was the fact that Nevada took them out of their game in the 2nd half. They came at them on defense. They moved the ball on offense. They scored 24 points in 2 quarters. They had 353 second half yards. Nevada adjusted at halftime and Boise couldn't adjust to those adjustments. The kick was just the second to last nail.

Overtime starts. Boise gets the ball first. They attempt several passes - none of them complete. It's 4th down and they must kick again. The kick is missed wide, again. Yes, it could have put them ahead. But so could have each of the incomplete passes to the endzone. Nevada gets the ball. They attempt to score a touchdown and do not. Their kicker comes on and makes the field goal. Nevada wins. Boise State's hopes of a national title game are gone. But it is not the kicker's fault alone. Losing is a team sport.

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