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Feet Fauxs Pas

by Nathalie Philippe (writer), San Francisco, February 28, 2007

Calling All Streetwalkers!

High heels are painful. This is a fact of life. That being said ladies, it’s officially time to take your dated, garish, white, velcro-closure high-tops and burn them. This is a serious matter.

Living in the Bay Area and working in San Francisco can be a difficult tightrope to walk. I’ve been witness to some fashion faux pas farther outside the limits of fashion than a commute from El Sobrante. I wholeheartedly understand the issue. Work shoes, while hopefully stylish and smart make the walk from the car or public transport quite difficult, especially considering the near stampede that one must endure to get to the office. Here’s hoping that it’s not at the top of Nob Hill. Late getting in on Monday? You’re cursing those beautiful 31/2 inch sling-back heels that are suspending the full sprint that would have you sitting at your desk for that conference call. I see where this is going.

To many, the solution seems to be to pull out their gardening shoes, their dungarees to solve this problem. I cannot let this stand. The white socks over hosiery are simply gauche—an eyesore. If you ask me, this is where the two roads diverge. Ladies, I apologize, and refuse to travel both. I’ll chastise no more, but have some ideas for your consideration.

1. The Simple Loafer: Great for transitioning between driving and running across a few lanes of traffic. These are available with rubber nodes for traction and comfort and a variety of styles and colors available. I’d buy a pair in brown and black to seamlessly match an entire wardrobe. Aerosoles, known for comfort makes a fabulous suede wingtip (the Sleekend) for the fashionably fabulous available at and

2. The Sporty Casual Sneaker: Show your street-savvy with a pair of classic Pumas ( some super shock absorbers by Tsubo ( Your feet will thank you. Got a penchant for saving the world? Check out TOMS (, the shoe that donates a shoe to a child for every pair of shoes they sell. Arm yourself with a pair of dark rinse jeans, your blouse and blazer make catching a movie with your artsy friends in the city a reality after the day at the office is done.

3. Slipper Flats: Great for people with high arches, easily conform for drinks after work or dinner meetings with clients. I cannot say enough about these shoes. Achieve the prima ballerina, ingénue, or academic look in these tote-friendly winners (I can say with certainty that no woman looks good with a bag whose innards are visible to the world!). Check out the wallet friendly and chic finds at

In a high-fashion and fast-paced city like San Francisco we ought to do our best to represent the sharpest, greenest, cleanest, and most intelligent cities on the west coast. Black stilettos might help give you the boost of confidence you need to land that client, but remember the importance of laying the appropriate groundwork the minute you stop pruning your crepe myrtles.

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