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Why Does Everyone Hate Bristol Palin?

by D. E. Carson (writer), , November 17, 2010

The simple answer: She’s Sarah Palin’s daughter and that’s her only crime.

With pop caterwauler Brandy now off Dancing with the Stars the Hate Bristol Palin rampage has kicked into overdrive. There is obviously no love lost between this writer and Brandy – frankly this writer sees Brandy as a no-talent hack with a penchant for hiring a really good lawyer to make a hit and run incident disappear completely. Regular viewers of the ABC hit can’t believe that Bristol Palin has made it to the DWTS finale to be held next week. One man in Wisconsin actually pulled out a shotgun and unloaded on his television because he believed the only reason Bristol was on the show because of her mother, Sarah. Critics howl that Bristol can’t dance, the judges have all scored her at or near the bottom of the leader board and yet she prevails. Could it be that DWTS really is a popularity contest? Say it isn’t so!

Remember the show’s first season when everyone believed that actor George Hamilton should have won the mirror ball trophy? Who was the real winner of that season? Former Playboy centerfold Kelly Monaco won that one. Then there were the two seasons with Marie Osmond (did not win) and her brother Donny (who did win). Also there were Lance Bass (not a winner) and Joey Fatone (winner). So what’s so hard about accepting Bristol Palin? The truth is, compared to the Osmonds, Bass and Fatone, Bristol Palin really can’t dance. She’s got no rhythm, she’s sloppy and she has almost no flow to her motions. Her face is too serious – she comes off as being more concerned with getting steps right as opposed to having fun.

But apparently the DWTS audience doesn’t seem to care. Right now, Bristol Palin is America’s Sweetheart and the reason is not why you might think. Most liberal pundits would say that she’s popular because she’s Sarah Palin’s daughter. This writer doesn’t believe that is the case. While being Todd and Sarah Palin’s eldest daughter certainly hasn’t hurt Bristol’s public persona, the more probable reason for her success on DWTS would be because the general viewing public is just damned sick and tired of how she’s portrayed in the public media. She’s been bashed by every single media outlet just because she made a mistake and got pregnant before graduating from high school – a dumb decision made by millions of American teenagers every single day. The only difference is that the liberal media doesn’t line those kids up against a wall and fire everything they have at them. But let the daughter of a vice-presidential candidate be a human being and do something stupid and all hell breaks loose. Even worse, let that pregnant teen ager decide to do the right thing and actually carry the pregnancy to term, have the baby and then be a responsible mother and oh my God, you’d think she just shot the president of the United States!

Liberals hate it when people take responsibility for their own actions and circumstances. It violates their sensibilities of having the government take care of everyone with cradle to grave entitlements. Bristol Palin is doing the responsible thing and owning up to the fact that she didn’t keep her knees together when she should have and paying the consequences of her actions. Liberals would have rather she covertly slipped off to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Yakima and had an abortion in the caring compassionate hands of some half-baked crack-pot quack with nitrous-oxide and a bloody wire coat hanger. Of course, that option would have given liberal talking heads like Rachael Madcow and Keith Olderthandirtmann fodder for calling her a hypocrite for having an abortion when her family most certainly would not have approved and have openly stated that position.

In terms of having an abortion, Bristol Palin was damned if she did and damned if she didn’t.

But the fact is that Bristol Palin is headed into the finals of DWTS. She’s there because viewers have voted and put her there. Whether you want to buy into the myriad conspiracy theories about how the Tea Party has mobilized to keep her there is up to you. This isn’t a discussion about that aspect of it. This is a look at the rabid, livid Palin haters out there who are making complete asses of themselves over a stupid television show. The level of passionate hate and vile anger is unbelievably high and even more unbelievably immature. In the words of William Shatner: “It’s just a TV show! Get a life people!”

One good thing about this season’s finale is that Brandy won’t be there. This writer cannot stand it when people strut around acting as if they are entitled to something because of who they are. Macy Gray did the same thing when she was on DWTS a few seasons back and she got booted pretty quickly. In all honesty, the most deserving of the win is Jennifer Grey. It’s not hard to remember her dancing with the late Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. She made it all look easy and she has done the same on this season of DWTS. But deep down, it would be absolutely hilarious to see Bristol Palin go all the way. It would absolutely infuriate everyone who hates the whole Palin family and it is so much fun to watch those people froth at the mouth as they spit and sputter their hate and vitriol at a girl whose only fault is that she is the daughter of the most hated woman by liberals in America. If Bristol Palin were to actually win, this writer would be more surprised – even disappointed than anything else.

Here’s to you Jennifer. Good luck next week! Patrick would be proud.

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6 comments on Why Does Everyone Hate Bristol Palin?

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By Agit8r on November 17, 2010 at 11:58 pm

i can't say i hate Bristol. She is just the product of environment...

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By Lynda Lehmann on November 18, 2010 at 07:31 pm

I am a liberal and I have to take issue with your statement: "Liberals hate it when people take responsibility for their own actions and circumstances. It violates their sensibilities of having the government take care of everyone with cradle to grave entitlements."

People with physical or emotional handicaps need to be taken care of, to one degree or another. That does not mean that I, as a liberal, would like to give "handouts" to slackers.

I think we need to be careful of overstatement in our writing!

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By Lady D on November 20, 2010 at 12:34 pm

I feel sorry for her. She is not a dancer who should have gotten this far, and she knows that is true. She is just a pawn for her mothers publicity.

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By Glenn T on November 28, 2010 at 03:28 pm

"to do the right thing and actually carry the pregnancy to term, have the baby and then be a responsible mother"???

D.E. - I've always loved your work, but to assume that the "right thing" is carrying an accidental pregnancy to term is presumptuous beyond repair. And precisely what in Bristol's behavior qualifies as being a "responsible mother"? Because from where I'm standing she's just another undeserving famewhore who is profiting from her mother's status as a champion of blissfully ignorant and divisive Tea Party the apparent contradiction of her pregnancy.

Make no mistake, the young Ms. Palin is not some amatuer athlete who is simple carrying on for love of the game - she, like her unimaginably ignorant baby's daddy Levi, are making more money than most of us can imagine by carrying on as a standard bearer for principles that she likely can't reliably spell, let alone explain. My ire for her is that she is talentless, overweight, unattractive, petulant, and stupid - and that despite ALL of this, somehow FAMOUS.

When she stops profiting from the inexplicable fame, I'll start to feel sorry for her. But when a simpleton like that gets a book deal and the dozens of talented writers here DON'T, I think we have a good reason to be frustrated and angry.

Keep up the good work!


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By D. E. Carson on December 27, 2010 at 12:44 pm

Lynda: you obviously haven't read much of my work. If you had, you would no doubt notice that I have never advocated against helping those who are truly in need. What I have railed against is the liberal idea that it is up to the government to help those who are in need. The Bible does not order man to construct government to care for the needy the Bible mandates that the people are to care for the needy.

Furthermore, I stand by my repeated statement that poverty is a choice. Now for those who cannot do for themselves, then I willingly accept that the government could assist them with having a middle-class life. But when it comes to able-bodied individuals who leech off the system like the parasites they are, then my blood begins to boil. The number of people who cannot do for themselves is a good deal smaller than liberals want to believe. This is why there are so many able-bodied leeches living in the welfare system -- bureaucrats have enabled these parasites to exist so these parasites will then vote to keep the enablers in place.

I'm not opposed to a hand up. But when that hand up becomes parasitic, then it is time to sour the milk.

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By velvet on June 30, 2011 at 12:06 am

I dont like bristol palin. She got pregnant as a teen and now she's making big money off it because she's the daughter of a famous person. she doesn't have to deal with any of the financial struggles of a normal teen parent. she also switches her beliefs on abstinence depending on the situation. when interviewed she says she doesn't like the word abstinence and thinks it's unrealistic but a few day's later she's going around campaigning for it telling girls that they shouldn't have sex before marriage even though she herself has failed to do so. if there is one thing i cant stand its a hypocrite.

So thats why i dont like bristol palin.

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