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Banging on the Front Door

by D. E. Carson (writer), , November 14, 2010

The Chinese have come ghost-knocking on our door and we’re just scratching our heads.

Remember that mysterious contrail that appeared in the west over the Pacific Ocean last week? So-called “experts” have put the issue to rest with the thinly-veiled explanation that it was an airplane – specifically an eastbound America West 747 flying from Hawaii to Phoenix. These “experts” tell us that because the contrail was shot from a news helicopter that it gave the illusion of being something other than what it was. Their claim is that a news helicopter’s altitude of a few hundred feet off the ground changed enough of the viewing angle to make the trail look different – an “optical illusion.”

So why were government agencies that are supposed to be protecting our skies so confounded about the contrail? North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is well aware of everything flying within 200 miles of US and Canadian airspace at all times. This supposedly keeps them from mistaking commercial airliners for incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles. The Pentagon floundered around claiming no one knew about a missile launch from the West Coast and back-pedaled even further saying that had one been scheduled, the airspace would have been cleared for it.

Sure…for an American missile test launch.

Then along comes CNN. You remember them, “the most trusted news source”? That network whose identification tags once included the voice of James Earl Jones saying, “This is CNN” and the network that recently excoriated both MSNBC and Fox News for being in the tank for the Democrats and Republicans respectively? Yeah, that CNN.

So anyway a writer comes along with a story and posts it on CNN’s iReport site claiming that the contrail was in actuality the exhaust trail of a Chinese, Jin-class submarine-launched, JL-2 ICBM. The home port of the sub is China’s Hainan Island, which you may remember from 2007’s mid-air collision between a US Navy EP-3E surveillance aircraft and a People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) J-8II interceptor fighter jet. In that incident the EP-3E made an emergency landing on Hainan Island where the Chinese arrested the crew and interrogated them until the US managed to convince the Chinese to let them go (you’re free to look up the details on how all of that went down, but that’s the jist of it) .

Hainan Island is rife with underwater caves making it the perfect location for the Chinese to establish a submarine base – which it has done. The Jin class submarine is clearly an attack submarine, not unlike the US’s Los Angeles Class submarines. The Jin class is capable of carrying twelve JL-2 missiles each with a 7,000 mile range. The story continues that the Jin class sub fired a test missile from international waters in a northwesterly direction sending the missile into Chinese territory. This confirms only the NORAD statement saying that “there was no threat to the [American] homeland.”

That the launch was visible from Los Angeles airspace is proof of only one thing: the Chinese want America to know that we are no longer the dominant world power. China has spent the last 20 years building itself up with all the money we keep sending them. While our military still out guns theirs, they are catching up and we’re standing around with our heads up our asses pretending all is well. We’re like Kevin Bacon at the end of Animal House standing around screaming “Everybody remain calm” while the rest of the fricking world is running around screaming in chaos. And whose fault is this? America’s.

Liberals want to blame “Greedy corporations” – a complete and total misdirection of anger. Conservatives want to blame “Greedy unions” – a much more accurate and deserving target of anger. The muslims have come along and made sure that the nation is so divided that it is paralyzed and cannot do anything. So between the muslims and the Chinese, America is in deep kimchee (which happens to be a Korean dish, go figure).

Why do jobs and money go to China? Here’s the reason: Americans (and not its corporations) are greedy. Americans think they are entitled to live a rich, lavish lifestyle. Liberal Americans think everyone should live a rich, lavish lifestyle. Real Americans think that a rich and lavish lifestyle is the reward for working hard and earning what you have with the truth being that not everyone will be rich, but they all have the opportunity – just not the desire to actually work for it. As a whole, though the nation believes that it is a noble nation with the entitlement to be rich just because we’re Americans.

So how does this explain how China is preparing to kick our collective butts? Easy. The people of China are willing to work. They don’t care if they’re only making $2.00 a day in wages, in China, that’s enough to keep the family from starving. China has a national pride that overrules personal pride. In China, the people work to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Americans want themselves to be the bigger. Americans have lost their sense of collective pride in favor of their personal pride and I wholly blame the liberal movement.

Furthermore, Americans believe they are entitled to have someone else take care of them. Again I fault the liberal movement because of all of the entitlement programs established by the federal government because liberals think that people are a danger to themselves and the government has to take care of them AND I blame unions for their own stupid greed forcing companies to pay higher than necessary wages and benefits to employees who don’t do any work. When you work in a union shop, everyone is paid the same regardless of how much work they do. So if one person works really hard and loads 15 trucks and another person does the minimal required of two trucks, shouldn’t the one who loads 15 trucks get paid more? Not according to union rules. They both get paid the same so where’s the incentive to work harder? Answer: there ain’t any! But because the union demands that both loaders be paid $50.00 an hour, the company has to fund payroll somehow, so what do they do? They charge more money to move those boxes from Point A to Point B. But stupid liberals and stupid unions don’t see it that way. They see the higher cost of shipping as the company being greedy so what do they do? They demand that the company pay these loaders more money. So the company raises their rates. The union demands higher wages because they think the company is getting greedy again and it all spirals into a death loop because eventually the company has to go out of business because the market cannot sustain shipping prices above a certain point. Hooray for the union! It killed off another greedy company – as well as all the jobs that company used to provide. In similar fashion, the companies that make things go to China because they can make the product cheaper there without having union extortion having over its head. Again, liberals win the argument but Americans lose jobs.

The Chinese have made it clear that they are not going to back down from their endeavor to become a dominant world power. They’ve already loaned so much money to America that they may as well own us. Liberals have no intention of paying them back either. They just keep borrowing and borrowing and borrowing. It is the same mentality that caused the housing crisis. China has demonstrated to the world that it is planning to promote its dominance in any way possible.

And like the stupid sheep we are…we’re just going to let them.

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By D. E. Carson on December 27, 2010 at 12:46 pm

To saa49er:

1) Event was a Chinese missile

2) Strunk and White are clueless

3) Thank you for catching the typo on GIST. Perhaps your energy would be put to better use reading the news instead of making it up to suit your own head-up-your-ass stupidity.

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