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Cool Chick and The Girl

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Love Online. Photo of a photo on a computer screen.

A poem for Veteran's Day by Yvonne de la Vega from the book, "Tomorrow, Yvonne"

Cool Chick & the Girl

Part One: Instant Messaging

When I get home,
first thing I do
I go online click on my Boo,
He loves his cool chick
her satyrical view,
"hey baby
hey baby
what's up nothing,
And we just go on
till well after 2
and we laugh
like you laugh when online.

I got a cold Rolling Rock and Menthols
Bobtails cats on waterfalls
of satin where
my pillows call my name...
But here he is,
and beautiful,
sending words in chamomile,
with honey like
a salve for Mondays flame..

Then it's time for disconnection,
sad I cannot add inflection,
yet our exchange
is still perfection,
when his words
recall his voice
unlocking whispers
he once breathed
into my ears
that had swept like wind
right through my head
to hide inside my heart.
Out with them steps
the Girl he met -
Cool Chick keeps them apart,
and the music changes
when we say good-bye...

Part 2: E-mail

We just said later gator
click- & that was fun...
But I forgot to say- well,
I'm sorry,
sometimes Cool Chick leaves
and Girl comes in...

I'm missing you.
Yeah, I'm set on you until further notice.
And yes I did get your email this morning...
But- how do you read email dialogue?
Girl: she searches every line for reassurance.
Cool chick: remembers the planet is in turmoil.
Girl: wallows in Haagen Daas and DVD's:

Original Sin:
I am Angelina Jolie and You
are Antonio Banderrrras...
I am a beautiful con artist and you,
debonair and irresistible,
will soon join me in a sting
that only you and I can devise...
Easy Money followed by erotic sex
on a bed of clouds and hundies

Cool Chick watches
Dave Chappell as Rick James.
Girl is bothered by something,
somewhere tugging,
a thought that pretends to fade...

Cool Chick smokes a joint
turns on Zeppelin and
sculpts a penis out of candle wax,

"Many times I've loved and many times been bitten
many times I've gayee-azed along the open road..
Da-dah doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo...da-daah

Girl loves this song,
we sat on the bed for hours
that day while she taught you
the acoustic guitar intro...
she remembers your hands, sighs...

Cool Chick's wax penis is kinda crooked.

CHI-kung CHI-kung -
Many is a word that only leaves you guessing,
Guessing 'bout a thi-i-ing, you really ought to know
... ohh ...oh

Girl thinks of you in her mouth...

Hey lady- you got the love I need maybe more than enough...
Oh darling darling darling...

Cool Chick goes on myspace
on a binge to seduce the entire planet
with her indulgent
literary masturbation...
Girl sends you this email...

Part 3: What It Is

I am walking,
it is raining.
I see a soldier in a photo
and muse at the speed
of the internet,
that he may get my letter,
without a soldier yelling mail call
but instantly
in between the sandstorms
and the whistling petes
in the mess hall...
I begin to sob
for the sons of men,
war on the planet,
and for love...
and for the Angels of
or Allah
or anyone,
bigger than all of this...

Why Lord?

That is
the clot in my heart
that the cool chick brought
to the girl
that they may cry
in a rainy
dead November...
One cries for Peace
The other cries for Love,
One prayer sent through sandstorms,
The other in the rain...
hoping no one dies today,
and wondering
if he knows now
that he loves me,
all of me,

Cool Chick
The Girl.

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