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Garrett's Not The Answer

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, November 10, 2010

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Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett is not the answer to the Cowboys problems.

The Cowboys issues a lot bigger than Wade Phillips. Firing him and replacing him with Jason Garrett is not going to cure the Cowboys troubles. In fact, it just may make some of them worse and here's why.

Phillips was a long time head coach. He had experience. He had knowledge. He had earned the ability to get respect. He had been around the corral a few times. And yet, his players did not respect him. They didn't listen. They did just what they wanted to little as possible.

Now the Cowboys bring in a coach who is 20 years younger with very little experience. He has done nothing to earn respect. He is starting out brand new with a team that has NO desire to play and win. None. There is no way this team is going to all of a sudden start wanting to win because Garrett is the coach. He does not command that kind of reaction. Garrett already thinks he's going to go in and start saying things like this team quit on Phillips. He thinks he is going to make an example of people. Is he serious or did he get hit in the head on the sidelines? These players have played for THEMSELVES this entire season with and without Romo. They aren't going to magically start playing like a team because Garrett is the new sheriff in town.

The Cowboys problems are several. They have no leader. They didn't have one from the start. Romo is not and never will be a leader. He doesn't have it in him. He will never be able to take charge of this team. There are players on the team who do not respect Romo nor do they like playing with him. If the Cowboys are serious about winning, Romo has to go. Next, the Cowboys have a team full of ME first players. They are all about I and nothing about team. They want to play easy and win. They want to be let do just as they please because they are on the Cowboys - you know America's team - you know the one that gets 25 segments on an hour of Sportscenter. Last I checked and I doesn't win games - teams do. The Cowboys also have an owner who needs his face in the media more than the players do. He feels the need to be seen, to talk, to put his finger into everything and the coach is just a fixture head. Jerry Jones will run over Jason Garrett like a freight on it.

The Cowboys have a lot more problems than Wade Phillips...and until they address those, they will never be a winning team.

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