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Lemongrass Bistro: The Edible Icebreaker!

Credit: John Robertson
Red Curry Tofu at Lemongrass Bistro

When in a difficult social situation, turn the conversation immediately to food. When that isn't enough, eat someplace where the food is delicious, and enjoy the silence.

Lemongrass Bistro is the perfect lunch spot for a party of diners who would otherwise struggle awkwardly to make small talk, but are saved by food so good no one feels the need to say much of anything. This was exactly the situation I found myself in last week.

I just adore my workmate C, and don't know what I would do without her. However, her son isn't as easy to talk to as she is. So when C told me her son was joining us for lunch, I smiled politely and started going over all of the stand by conversation starters in my head. Well God bless us, we sat there in the car trying to get the dialog going all the way to Lemongrass Bistro, but alas; it just wasn't gonna happen.

As soon as we entered the joint I was charmed by its neo-Asian decore; bohemian Zen chic. Nice. The place was busy on a friday at lunch time, but we were greeted right away and seated within five minutes. I took both facts as good signs.

"Ah, I like this decore," I said.

"It's really metropolitan for being in downtown Martinez," C added. Her son smiled and nodded in agreement.

I was relieved to see that practically half of the menu could be prepared vegetarian style. I opted for the red curry tofu, since I heard mostly good things about the red curry beef. In all honesty, it wasn't spicy enough for me, but that is a personal preference. Red curry isn't just about heat, it is also about balance of flavors. Truly, the sour kiss of lime juice and tamarind was well blended with the salty kick of fish sauce, the sweetness of the pineapple chunks and juices, and the richness of the coconut milk. The vegetables were perfectly al dente and they offered brown rice; frosting on the cake.

Most of the talk at the table was about how delicious the food was, and the rest of the time we were simply chewing. Especially C's son, who stared at his coconut soup and shoveled until every last drop was gone.

"I always get this dish," he told me. "They make it better than anyone else."

"I'll remember that for next time I come," I answered.

"Next time you should try....", and he gave me a list of dishes on the menu, and then a list of restaurants in the area, and then the conversation turned to a list of cities through out the bay area with great Thai restaurants. Abracadabera; instant momentum. The next thing I knew we were back at the office and the uncomfortable edge had been magically lifted without anyone even noticing.

Food is a reliable icebreaker. It especially helps if the food you are eating is delicious, the atmosphere is charming, and the bill is reasonable (it was my treat). So, I strongly recommend Lemongrass Bistro for those in need of satisfying Thai food, and for those in need of an immediate conversation starter while in an awkward social situation.

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By KaiserD on February 07, 2011 at 02:39 am

Wow! That looks so mouth-watery. I guess this fits not only to those who are under <a href="">Vegan Challenge</a> but also to those people who want a healthy gourmet. Very nice posting john. Keep it up.

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