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Whiners Aren't Winners

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, November 09, 2010

Credit: Dylan Moody

I knew the Bengals would blow up having TO and Ochocinco on the same team, I just didn't realize it would be Chad and not Terrell causing the problems.

If you recall, I said when TO and Ochocinco ended up on the same team that it would be about 6 games before it started to unravel. I was off a few games, but I was right. Only, I had it backwards. It's Ochocinco that's the problem, not TO.

In Monday night's game between the Bengals and Steelers, the Steelers had the game won, like so many games this weekend, but then they let the Bengals back in it. TO had the bulk of the Bengals receptions with 10 catches for 141 yards and 2 TDs. Ochocinco had 1 catch for 15 yards. As the Bengals were trying to come back, Ochocinco was all up in Carson Palmer's face crying about underthrown balls and not getting any looks and carrying on like an absolute whiner. So, here's Palmer who has had an abysmal season so far despite his team that is loaded with offensive weapons. He is trying desperately to come back and win a huge game for the team. He is using the open and NOT whining TO and to a lesser extent Jordan Shipley over the middle. He is bringing his team back one agonizing play at a time.

But no, Ochocinco has to lose his mind all up in here and keep his mouth moving instead of his feet and hands. If he's doubled up and he can't make catches because of it and TO isn't and he can ( or even if he is doubled he makes catches but I digress) just keep your mouth shut and do whatever WHATEVER you have to do to help your team win a ball game. Do you realize that after last night's loss your team is 2-6?! Did that slip your mind while your mouth was moving? Just stop. Either you are a team player all the time or you're not. You can't be a team player only when you're the star of the team and expect your team to win.

The Steelers won because they play as a team - everybody does their jobs and then some. Randle El came in and threw a pass to try and help. He didn't whine that he doesn't get to play all the time and get all the balls thrown to him. You don't see him crying and running his mouth to Big Ben when he ended the game with 1 reception for 10 yards. Whiners are not winners and that's why the Bengals lost.

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By Deborah Horton on November 11, 2010 at 09:04 am

I think that up until this past weekend, Bradford was the best Rookie QB of the year. The team is growing and has a lot of solid components. I do think they have a good chance of making the playoffs this year and that's pretty amazing considering their QB is brand new. They are definitely for real and will only get better.

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