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The African Grand Master of Polygamy

Credit: Image by Otieno Owida
Akuku Danger with some of his wives.

Akuku Danger has beaten the record of being the great African polygamist. He married more than 100 wives and made more than 160 children before he passed away.

For those who believe in the Holy Bible, for one Adam God created one Eve. However, some people never follow this divine principle. Some of them believe the many wives one amasses, the more powerful he becomes. Others exchange women just like clothes because they consider them as objects, as flowers that fade and so new ones are needed. Other people seek different women for sexual satisfaction. The reasons are as various as the ants on the ground.

Normally, a woman is a helper and not an object for pleasure. As helper, the wife also becomes a friend. In this way she is actually a person who supports the other. While the world is changing and people are attempting to make few children due to different reasons, there still exist other people who think that making too many children is wealth or power. This is actually what most Africans still think.

And this is the case of this Kenyan man, known by the name of Ancentus Akuku Danger, who married more than 100 women before he died last October. He married his first wife 1939, while the youngest wife was married in 1997. He was nicknamed Danger because women were attracted by his handsomeness. He said he was called Danger because of his good looks which women found hard to resist. His most conservative estimate is that he had 160 children. He has led a very ‘successful and productive’ polygamous family. He sired 110 sons and 305 daughters of whom 150 are married and also blessed with their own children. He said that 35 of his sons and 20 daughters had died. Despite his age, Danger still knew each of his children by name and which child belongs to which mother. He added that he could not forget his children since when they were born, he was the only right person who was consulted name them.He felt that family responsibilities had to be shared. In this way, the older siblings must take the task of educating the younger ones.

Among the 100 women he had married when he was alive, he divorced 30. This man is supposed to be the African who is known as the most prominent polygamists and so, he beat the records of being the husband of such a big number of women. Danger is the towering nonagenarian who took his final bow from a life in which his appetite for marriage rivalled the Biblical King Solomon. The number of his children and wives was so big that the family felt the need to erect its own church and two primary schools to accommodate them. His family extends on four villages due to its size. This great African cherished education. Accordingly, he brought up a family of diverse professionals including doctors, engineers, teachers and policemen. Due to the big number of his wives and children, his influence in his community became the attraction of Kenyan politicians seeking advice; many of them became his closest friends.

The big question is to know how he afforded to manage such a big number of children and wives. He responded that he had had spies who were attached to each home. These used to brief him on how each woman went about her business in the master’s absence during the day and the night. Besides, he would institute private investigations to crosscheck the leads he had gathered before resorting to any action. It was in this context that he detected that 85 of his wives were unfaithful and posed a serious risk to his life. Probably, these women who fell unfaithful felt abandoned by the husband. Practically, one man cannot satisfy the sexual desire of such a bid number of women, which can push them to misbehave in this way. And in case he dares, he cannot do it satisfactorily because he was torn among many hearts. Did he really feel true love toward all these wives? Trully, a wife would need him and miss him as he might be with another wife. Based on the above, he could not hesitate to send any unfaithful wives packing their bags and leave his home. The threat of HIV and AIDS made him become extremely strict with the conduct of each woman. By the time he completed 22 years of age, Danger was already a polygamist.

The media revealed that this grand master of polygamy married his last wife at 79 in 1997. At this age his new wife was then only 18. Today, at the age of 29, she is a widow and a mother of three cute kids.

Africa has lots of realities that still need to be discovered.

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