Thursday, July 19, 2018

Trouble Listening to You

I have trouble listening. Listening to you or others. I am dreaming, day dreaming, musing, and lost in my own thoughts. I need these moments to refresh and rebuild.

I have trouble listening to you.

I have trouble listening to others.

I have these thoughts
That intrude
And shut off my hearing.

I become self absorbed
In these thoughts.

These bandits steal
My attention and my concentration.

They rob me of self respect
And the respect of others.

No matter how hard I try
To look into my friends eyes

And block out of all distraction
The bandit jumps out

From behind some of the words I hear
To create a thought,

A contemplation, a derivations
Of what I am hearing.

I see the eyes before me change
In a subtle way indicating to me

I have been ambushed again.
I am embarrassed again.

I struggle to catch up
With the conversation

And become knowledgeable
Enough to intelligently respond.

I have become very
At giving a nod, a grunt, or "Hmm-mmm"

Indicating I have heard
what was said.

However, deep within the recess
of my mind.

I know I just got caught again.

I try to hide the confusion
From getting to my eyes for all to see.

I mask my feelings
in a studied concentration.

Oh, what an actor
I have become.

Yes but more.

I need a marshall or sheriff
To arrest those words

That form in my mind
Before I get distracted.

I need to find a method
To avoid the distraction.

I have trouble listening.
I know others have similar problems.

I forgive my self,
And begin again
To avoid the bandit.

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By Frank - icare2be on November 09, 2010 at 07:56 pm

@ Cher I try to take your advise.. The bandit now gets me rarely.. Thank goodness and Thank you...

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