Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Call It What You Want!

Daydreaming, musing, ruminating, or escaping. I need the time to restore some sanity in a mad mad world. Meditation, or at least a form of it, restores a mental balance.

Call it what you want.
Call it day dreaming.
Call it contemplation.
Call it thinking,
Or even time out from the world.

Whatever you call it,
I need the time,
To spend ruminating,
Within myself.

I need these moments
of meandering around
free of earthly bonds
to meditate upon life's meaning.

I float upon clouds
of thoughtful reasoning
balancing reality of a mad-mad world
and uplifting daydreams.

This is a time of healing,
Understanding, planning,
And sometimes escape
To unreality.

When I return
To your world,
I am better,
For taking this special time.

And so are you!

Call it what you want!

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