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Pay To Play

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, November 05, 2010

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Cam Newton

Auburn's Heisman candidate QB Cam Newton embroiled in yet another pay to play scandal.

I am not so naive to believe that this kind of thing hasn't gone on forever or that it continues to go on to this very minute. There is always someone looking to make a buck off an athlete. And there are athletes who are always looking for ways to skirt the rules. The story just broke yesterday on Kenny Rogers' "allegedly" trying to get close to 200 grand to get Cam Newton to come to Mississippi State to play football. But the story has been around for a lot longer than that, it's just taken the NCAA this long to start really doing something about it.

Allegedly, Cam Newton met Kenny Rogers for the first time when he went to tour Mississippi State for the first time. Allegedly, Kenny Rogers went to the athletic program at the school and told them it would take almost 200 grand to get Newton to play for them. Newton's father has denied that the family had anything to do with Rogers actions. In my years on this planet I've learned a few things, and one of them is there is ALWAYS more to the story. And you can bet, there is more to this story.

Mississippi State told reporters yesterday that they reported Rogers actions to the NCAA in January 2010. Word has it that the NCAA didn't even start looking into any of this until July 2010 and apparently, the investigation has just now made it to a higher level in November 2010. Does it really take that long to look into something like this? Especially when it involves a man, Rogers, who is already under investigation by the NFL for allegedly impersonating an NFL players association rep. Did the NCAA wait until close to the end of season to bring this all out for some other reason? It's all very fishy - and it's starting to smell.

Newton's family is involved in several churches in Georgia. They have been abreast of the law in Newnan, Georgia where they have been ordered to bring one of their churches up to code. It's been very contentious and there's lots of money involved. This morning sports media outlets are reporting that the NCAA is looking into the Newton's financial records.....11 months after the alleged pay to play incident occurred.

I am not assigning guilt to anyone in this. But there is always, ALWAYS more to the story. And I truly believe that this kind of thing goes on ALL the time in college football. There are those who report it and those who don't. But college football isn't run by what elite athletes do on the field, by wins or losses, by strength of schedule, by building character, by football is run by one thing and one thing only - money. Some of it is just more out in the open than others.

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