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Here We Go Again

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, November 04, 2010

Credit: Matthew Tosh
Tennessee Titans

Randy Moss to the Titans same yet different than Vikings.

So, the only team to claim Randy Moss was the Tennessee Titans. Once again, everyone is SO excited. The very same words being uttered. Randy opens up the field. Randy draws defenders. Randy can really help our team. Heard that before recently?

The only real difference between the Titans and Vikings picking up Randy Moss, besides the fact the Titans didn't have to give up anything or pay any money, is that the Titans coach isn't a guy who has let his team and QB run the show and run over him. Jeff Fisher is about as far from Brad Childress as a coach as Kobe Bryant is from just about every other NBA player. If Moss is to work with a team, that team has to have a coach that is in charge and commands respect. Because while Moss is a great receiver, he definitely will dog plays if he gets to feeling "disgruntled" or if he feels he isn't being used properly or if it's Sunday. Moss has always played when he wanted to play - except for most of his time in New England where the coach don't play that. Fisher doesn't play that either.

Fisher has no problem putting people on the bench. He has no problem putting stars on the bench. He has no problem making you realize really quick that he is in charge of that team and you will do it his way or you will sit down. Vince Young has been shown that road several times and he has finally come around to doing it Fisher's way. Moss will too. It might take a bit, but Moss will do it Fisher's way or he will sit out. It's simple. And it's the only way Moss will be productive.

The Titans have an excellent set up for Moss to be very productive and to help an already very good offense even more. Moss, when he plays right, does open the field for the run. He does draw defenders. He can make the deep ball play. The Titans have just become a much better football team. They have a young quarterback who is steadily improving. They have the TOP running back in the league. They have good receivers. They are good on the lines. And their coach is in total, complete control of his team. This could be the best fit for Moss outside of the Patriots that he has had in his entire career. Teams in the AFC should be very afraid.

So, here we go again, it's Moss to the Vikings all over again - but then again it's not - and this is going to be fun to watch.

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By Jeff Weisinger on November 09, 2010 at 06:01 pm

Love the comparison between FIsher and CHildress. It's very true.

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