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Think Twice

by taking off the mask (writer), Los Angeles, November 04, 2010

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driving to an unknown destination

Sometimes we make a decision or decisions to quickly and live to regret them. So think twice and take your time. Life isn’t about getting things done its about doing things right.

I snap open my wallet and peek inside, hoping for a miracle, but the only thing in it is my photo ID and three bobby pins. I never thought I’d be “broke” as they call it. I’ve always been the type of girl to have a few jobs and get hired before I even left the room. So being jobless really hit me hard. As I place my wallet back into my purse the bus driver snaps his fingers “ It’s $2.75, either you pay or you get off” he warns. To ashamed to explain I just shrug and walk off the bus without saying anything.

I walk towards Walgreens and the cold breeze blows my blonde hair in every direction possible. I ignore it and continue to walk with my head held high, refusing to cry or face reality. A yellow Lamborghini with a Hispanic looking man honks at me and eyes me with desire as he grins. Nice car, I think. He makes a right turn and stops in my path. As I approach the corner he opens the car door and waves me in. It’s a nice car, I think again. I hesitate but I get in the car anyway. I close the door and we drive to an unknown destination. Soulja Boy plays loudly from the speakers. I listen trying not to come to terms with the decision I just made. He pulls over the car near a white house with a white fence surrounded by colorful flowers. I turn to him surprised “Is this your house?” I ask shocked. “Nah” he replies and unbuckles his seatbelt. He leans over and pulls me towards him kissing my lips aggressively. I taste the cigarettes he smoked and the peppermint gum he chewed. I pull away and say I changed my mind. He laughs and unlocks the car doors and walks out. I get out as well and we walk up the path to the front door. I can’t help but notice the white paint peeling off the door posts. He takes out a house key and unlocks the door. We walk in and he locks the door behind us. “How much do you charge?” he asks scanning my body. I look down at my outfit and realize I must have given off the wrong idea, even though most girls in my college dressed like me if not worse. I try to find a way to explain that I’m not a prostitute but my mouth works quicker than my brain. “$500” I blurt. He grins and opens his fat wallet. He brushes his fingers across what seems to be an endless amount of Benjamin Franklins then shuts it and places back into his jeans. I smile and fake confidence as we make our way into the bedroom. He gets undressed and sits on the bed and tells me to strip for him. I do as he says and try to block out all the screaming voices in my head telling me to run. He is aggressive and I hate myself. I can hardly breathe with his heavy body on top of me. He grunts and I cover my face. He finally rolls off me and I run to the bathroom and lock the door. I can hear him zip his pants in the next room and I hug my body trying to comfort myself. I never really understood what people meant when they said they felt dirty, until now. I take a few tissues and try to use it as a douche to clean myself up. I begin to cry as I notice blood. I knew he was aggressive but I didn’t realize to what extent. “Honey?” I hear a females voice ask. “Yeah baby I’m here. When did you get in?” I hear the man I just gave myself to scream down the hall. I freeze unsure what to do. I throw on my clothes and lift the small bathroom window up. How the hell am I going to fit my hips through that? I wonder as I step on the toilet seat and stick one leg out the window. The window slams down and hits my leg. I bite my lip not to scream but the pain is hard to ignore. I lift it again and pull my leg back into the bathroom. “Damn it” I mutter under my breath.

“You need to leave now” he whispers through the bathroom door. I open the door and peek out. He explains he will take her to the backyard to show her something and I should leave as soon as I hear the back door shut. I nod and wait for what seems to be forever. As soon as I hear the click I run and close the front door behind me. I make my way down the block walking fast not looking back. I stop and realize I never got my money. “Fuck!” I exclaim as tears run down my face. I consider going back but I know it’s not an option. I look around for a street sign to figure out where I am but don’t recognize any of the names. I stick my hands into my mini skirt’s pocket and touch what feels like money. I pull out the papers and coins only to find I had $2.75 the entire time.

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By ranfuchs on November 04, 2010 at 05:35 pm

nice piece indeed

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By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE on November 05, 2010 at 01:35 am

Very insightful article. Yes, indeed, we we have to think twice or better look ahead befor we leap. Joblessness is too bad, for this reason, we have to be doing small savings as to cover the gap once we lose job.

You waled off the bus, this shows that you did not think twice before you got on that bus. You shoud make sure money is there.

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By taking off the mask on November 05, 2010 at 03:37 am

@MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE the story isn't about me

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By -YumnaU. on November 14, 2010 at 08:44 pm

OmG. This surely was an interesting way to deliver your message! Nicely written and definitely makes you wanna think again! :)

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