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Purple Haze

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, November 03, 2010

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Purple haze

The Vikings need to get out of their narcissistic compulsive purple haze and try to win a football game.

Look, I seriously have ZERO idea what is going on with the Vikings. It's almost as if they have a compulsive need to be in the headlines. It's like the entire organization is peopled by narcissists. This team is 2-5 and ALL they ever do is create some sort of drama for themselves instead of trying to work to fix their problems with winning. I just do not get it.

Yesterday, allegedly, apparently, the Vikings let Randy Moss go. However, Brad Childress apparently did this without talking to Vikings front office management. The Vikings didn't have Moss on the waiver wire by the deadline Monday. Apparently, the Vikings didn't actual tell Randy Moss he was let go until after they made this ridiculous announcement. Just a few short weeks after the Vikings gave up a 3rd round draft pick to the Patriots to get Moss, they throw him off the bus, run over him, and back up and run over him again.

Look, I grant you that Moss is not your typical go about his business keep his mouth shut player. He never has been. He was able to be that in New England until he became "disgruntled" and wanted to move on to supposed greener pastures. Looks like the pasture he chose is full of fresh cow pies. He found out real quick that Favre is in need of a rocking chair and that the Vikings were not interested in giving him a contract, nor were they interested in listening to what he had to say about game planning and strategy.

I think it's a combination of Childress wanting to seem like he's still running the psych ward, when clearly he needs to be in it and Moss speaking out and being his usual self and realizing he should have kept his mouth shut and stayed with the Patriots. But this whole scenario is one drama after another and one weird thing after another until you just wonder if this people on the Vikings don't have some sort of obsessive compulsive disease forcing them to seek the media headlines every day and if they are all truly just a bunch of narcissists on top of that. It's ridiculous.

One thing is certain - none of this helps them get any better. The Vikings have a 2-5 record - maybe they should get out of their purple haze and start doing something about trying to win a football game. You know, the thing they actually "allegedly" get paid to do.

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