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Where We Stand - Week 8

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, November 01, 2010

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A look at the NFL standings after week 8

The NFL standings after week 8 haven’t changed that much, but there is some movement to be noted. Some teams seem to be clicking on all cylinders and some just keep misfiring.

AFC East Team

New England Patriots 6 1

New York Jets 5 2

Miami Dolphins 4 3

Buffalo Bills 0 7

The Patriots have taken over the top of the division. Look familiar? Well most people are still discounting them. The talking heads say the Pats are weak on defense, make mistakes, don’t know what kind of team they are, blah, blah, blah. Who’s winning? The Pats. That’s all that matters in the end, isn’t it? The Jets dropped a defensive showdown to the Packers on 3 field goals for a 9-0 score moving them to 2nd place in the division. The Dolphins get another win and keep rolling.

AFC North Team

Baltimore Ravens 5 2

Pittsburgh Steelers 5 2

Cleveland Browns 2 5

Cincinnati Bengals 2 5

The Ravens had the bye this week while the Steelers went and dropped a close one to the Saints. It keeps them equal - for now, but I doubt that lasts very long once the Ravens get back to playing. This is going to be a shootout all season for the top of this division. The Bengals continue to be dismal dropping yet another game and a lot more balls.

AFC South Team

Houston Texans 4 2

Indianapolis Colts 4 2

Tennessee Titans 5 3

Jacksonville Jaguars 4 4

Colts and Texans face off tonight in MNF which will decide who’s on top of this division. I’ve picked the Texans to win again vs the Colts, but given the nature of games vs picks this season I’m not holding my breath on that one. The Titans keep working their way into a better position with another great win.

AFC West Team

Kansas City Chiefs 5 2

Oakland Raiders 4 4

San Diego Chargers 3 5

Denver Broncos 2 6

Look it’s still the Chiefs! They are the real deal. And da Raiders….wow. Putting the literal beat down on teams 2 weeks in a row. This division could get interesting really quick.

NFC East Team

New York Giants 5 2

Philadelphia Eagles 4 3

Washington Redskins 4 4

Dallas Cowboys 1 6

Giants and Eagles both on the bye this week – so not much doing in this division at the top. At the bottom though, you have the Redskins losing to a rejuvenated Lions team and the Cowboys going to 1-6. For the Cowboys, it will just get worse with their upcoming schedule and as for the Redskins – what the heck was Shanahan thinking?!

NFC North Team

Green Bay Packers 5 3

Chicago Bears 4 3

Minnesota Vikings 2 5

Detroit Lions 2 5

The Packers grit out a 9-0 win over the Jets and move into first place with the Bears on the bye. The Vikings drop to the Patriots after Favre gets an uppercut to the jaw and the Lions with the now healthy Matt Stafford get the win vs the Redskins. A lot going on in this division – plenty of drama and plenty of gutting it out.

NFC South Team

Atlanta Falcons 5 2

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5 2

New Orleans Saints 5 3

Carolina Panthers 1 6

Falcons on the bye this weeek and the Bucs get a win, the Saints pull it out over the Steelers, and the Panthers fall to 1-6. Now, the three top teams are making a fight of it. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

NFC West Team

Seattle Seahawks 4 3

St. Louis Rams 4 4

Arizona Cardinals 3 4

San Francisco 49ers 2 6

This division is just ridiculous – as in bad. I think the Rams are the best team in it, but they are trailing the Seahawks still – even after Seattle got rocked by the Raiders. The 49ers got the win over Denver and the Cards played hard vs the Bucs but came up short. The Rams won again. I look for them to take over the top spot here soon.

Big games coming in week 9 – lots of in conference matchups – next week the standings could look a lot different at the tops.

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