Monday, September 24, 2018

Food For The Soul

Credit: John Robertson
Old South Barbeque is known for its perfect pork ribs!

Soul food isn't just about the sauce; it is a ticket to our past, our family values and our traditions. It is more about heritage than greens.

My granny was from the south, and she taught me some valuable things about life, food and art. One: getting blue from time to time is a natural fact. When you're feeling down, sing it out. Two: Whenever you're feeling a mess, you should cook up a mess of food and share it with a mess of people. Three: sex is good, but not as good as Red Velvet Cake!

I think I love Old South Barbeque because it is exactly the kinda place my old granny woulda loved if she were alive and well today.

I came on a Friday night with my best friend and my lover. I was feeling grouchy after a hard week at work and a few personal let downs. "I know exactly the thing to cheer you up," my best gal said.

As we arrived in the parking lot, I could hear the sweet, melodic crying of the blues band and felt it was a good first impression. Audiences love their blues singers to be miserable, and misery loves company, so I was instantly at home.

Once inside, the electricity was infectious. The band was really feeling it, people were moving their heads to the music, and the barbeque sauce was staining well pressed shirts left and right.

Two can live as cheap as one... if they eat like one. Ha! My boyfriend and I shared a plate of ribs. Like all good cooks, the sauce was a secret, so we didn't bother asking. He said the pork melted in his mouth and he went back for more. I had the collared greens, baked beans and corn bread. I have to say they were all cooked perfectly, and the cornbread wasn't the yankee version, either. It wasn't sweetened and it had the perfect level of grit to its texture.

Right about the time I finished my meal I noticed the cakes coming out of the oven in the open kitchen. The band kicked the music into high gear, and one old couple got up and showed us how it was done. The crowd was clapping and singing along, and my spirits beginning to lift, I shouted across the counter that I wanted a slice of chocolate cake, a slice of red velvet, and some banana pudding. (Don't look at me like that! It was for the whole table, ya'll!)

The chocolate cake was still warm and barely frosted. It was heaven. The banana pudding was creamy and sweet and had generous chunks of bananas and vanilla wafers. The red velvet cake was my favorite. The cream cheese frosting was amazing and the felt textured, semi sweet cake played jazz on my tongue. Let's face it; it is just impossible to think bad thoughts while eating home made dessert.

Old South Barbeque gets it! They know that soul food isn't just about the sauce; it is a ticket to our past, our family values and our traditions. It is more about heritage than greens.

I left that night in love with my friends, in love with my bluesy sugar buzz, and in love with my memories. Thank you, Old South!

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