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What If Kitna Wins?

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, November 01, 2010

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John Kitna

What if Kitna leads the Cowboys to a win - will Dallas realize their troubles are internal and with Romo?

Let's say Kitna leads the Cowboys to a win against the Jags today. Let's say he does it in convincing fashion. Let's say he gets the most out of a very talented Cowboys team who has yet to show what they really have under Romo. What if Kitna wins? What then?

For the longest time, I've thought that the Cowboys issues were multiple and internal. That there were several players who didn't want to play with each other. That there were several players who didn't like each other. I was never a believer that the Cowboys problems were the coach. I thought they were between the players, on the field and in the locker room. I think though I was off with my assessment just a bit. It's not multiple players, it's one player that other players have a problem with and that player is Romo. His team doesn't believe in him. They don't respect him. They don't trust him. Players after Romo went out with his injury said the next week - we've got Kitna, he's just as good as Romo. Really? A guy who hasn't thrown a pass in a real game in 2 years is just as good as the one you've been playing with every week? Now that's interesting and very telling.

So Kitna comes in after Romo's injury into a game the Cowboys are losing and guess what....they almost win the game. In fact, they lose by 4 points. He keeps them in the game. He keeps the offense moving. He gives them a chance to win. They come up just short. What if this week, he does even better? What if this week, the Cowboys win convincingly? What if this week, the offense gels around him? Will the Cowboys see that their problem wasn't other players, wasn't Wade Phillips, wasn't a lack of want to, it was a lack of belief and trust and respect for Romo by the offense? I have my doubts. The Cowboys management aren't that bright, are they?

I'm just about convinced without a Kitna win that the Cowboys issues were internal and with Romo. We are all about to see if I'm right.

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