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I have seen enough!

by baynurse (writer), Novato, California, October 10, 2007

Since my first days of nursing school I was thrust into situations that would try me and my desire to help others. My first patient was an elderly homeless woman who was brought in from living under a stairwell in her own urine and feces, covered in rat bites and maggots all over her cancerous tumor on her stomach. I couldn’t imagine how I could work with the people that no one cared about . I remember cleaning the mouth of a young man with AIDS who was on a ventilator machine to help him breath while he was dying in a coma and maggots were crawling around his teeth and gums, I was only twenty five years old and a brand new graduate nurse. Twenty years later I am still cleaning maggots off the wounds of patients who are so high they can’t even stop long enough to realize their flesh is being eaten alive by worms. I have washed the pungent, macerated , excoriated, infected feet of the homeless and psychotic and drunk. I have stood in front of violent men who brought in their victim for medical care while they hovered around to make sure they didn’t escape or tell anyone and distract them while my fellow nurse would help the woman run out the back door.
I have had the hair on my skin stand up while being in the same room with murderers and rapists and the likes of Satan himself when I worked in the SF County jail. I was a few feet away from Richard Ramirez the notorious Satan worshipper serial killer, who was in my neighborhood killing people a few years before he was finally caught. I have seen the products of abortion put in trash cans to be emptied along with other biological garbage. I have seen lice and scabies infested men and women who live alone on the streets with very little or nothing of their own who are over seventy years old. I have seen women with so many abscesses and scars from shooting drugs continuously into their scared impenetrable veins come in to get wounds cared for so they can go back and sell their body and sex for money to buy more drugs to avoid getting sick from withdrawal. I have loved and respected people with nothing in their lives but kindness to others which they gave without hesitation. These people have shaped my life as it is today, I can’t give anymore, not in the same way. I am looking into myself and offer my gift of humor to help others heal themselves and to find relief from their pain and suffering with a dose of laughter and love.

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By Rose Mountain on October 20, 2007 at 11:45 pm
Great article BayNurse, you'd think this sad & shocking view of humanity would wake people up so we could care for everyone's needs. Rose Mountain
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